Driving Around Pacific Grove

Rain was our constant companion on our May get-away to Monterey. And because it was raining and cold with blasts of chilly air, we thought it best to abandon our planned walking tour and opted to drive around town instead. If not for the bone shaking cold air, we would have gone on with our tour of Pacific Grove.

Why Pacific Grove? Why not? I have been getting more and more interested in visiting smaller charming cities/towns in lieu of the bigger more cosmopolitan urban areas.

Pacific Grove is next door to Monterey and Carmel (who's former mayor for those who still don't know was Clint Eastwood) and I thought often overlooked when compared to its more popular neighbors. The city is known for its Victorian Houses, some were converted to businesses. It is also known for its monarch butterfly sanctuary.

On this day - the only day we have here - however we had to be content with what I could shoot from a moving vehicle and avoiding raindrops on my camera lens.

City Hall

One of the most photographed in Pacific Grove.

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

Seven Gables Inn facing the ocean

finepix 243
Can you see the raindrops on the image?

finepix 244
Pink ladies, this would be right up your alleys.

I had a lovely Thanksgiving Holidays, quiet and busy. On Thanksgiving Day, we had a friend over. I stayed home on Black Friday, but hit the stores/mall on Saturday and to my delight the mall was practically empty. So I was able to shop without fuss from other shoppers.

On Sunday, we drove to the central coast. But we had to stop for an hour or two to visit the Charles Dickens Christmas Fair at Cow Palace in San Francisco. I took a lot of pictures there :) I will post about this.

We had a fun relaxing time visiting a small town. Will post about this trip too.

You know I'm so behind with blogging that this trip that I'm posting just now actually took place in late May. Hopefully I can catch up.


  1. Those are lovely pink bushes or are they grass?

  2. @Daphne - they are ground cover.

  3. i love the pink ladies hehehe. i agree with you. going to small towns is better than the city since the scenes are very much common and modern.

  4. Maria, it's really interesting to look at these buildings and landscapes. The pink flowers are so pretty! Very beutiful sequence.
    I hope you will enjoy my sundial photo collection :-)

  5. a friend of mine showed me photos of Carmel and Monterey a few years ago. beautiful towns...as evident in your photos. the "most photographed" is a treasure! straight from a page of a children's book.:p the Seven Gable and the pink flowers are amazing.

  6. The sky is sad but your photos are happyand colorful. The one with the whale is great.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  7. Small towns are definitely our favorite, small towns and no towns. On our visit to the wine country we first went to the Napa Valley and our reaction was “get me out of here”. We enjoyed Sonoma and wished we had spent all of our time there.

  8. I love the "most photographed" building. Looked like it came from a children's book.

  9. Wonderful photos from your visit. I love the pink ground cover and the beautiful coastline.

  10. Wow...I love the pink groundcover! Your tour must have been a happy experience.


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