San Francisco CARNAVAL

I will take a page out of Ferdz' playbook and run multiple series, to bring a little freshness to it. I am currently running CANCUN visit and will begin with this post FAIRS AND FESTIVALS 2010.

DATE: May 30, 2010
LOCATION: San Francisco

The San Francisco Carnaval is a yearly multi-cultural celebration with food, music, parade, and general merriment in the streets of San Francisco along Harrison Street.

This is one of my favorite street fairs/festivals around here. But the timing of this festival is not conducive to annual visit. Why? It falls every year during the Memorial Day weekend, which is the major travel/vacation time for people. That weekend is my favorite time for a road trip - the weather is usually when it's most pleasant for a car ride over 2 hours long.

Anyway, while I have been to this festival twice or thrice, I haven't seen the parade. Parades usually start early, and on weekends, other than Sunday for church, I never wake up early enough to see the parade.

And so what is left for me to photograph are some of the parade entrants that stayed behind, the performers, the vendors, and whatever else catches my fancy.

This year I have snapped these images:

Surely you know where he's from :)

Some dancing on stage. I was transfixed at this man's face, he is full of joy.

Very crowded when I got there, this one's on stilts and this is how I captured him :(

Just walking around in this lovely summery weather.

She was very popular. I remember on my first time, I too asked to be photographed with one of them :)

Another reason for coming back here is to have a taste of their fabulous pupusas, an El Salvadoran specialty made of thick corn tortilla often filled with cheese or chicken. It was here that we sampled one of the best pupusa we ever had.

Those dough balls looked like pupusas in the making, but they told us they ran out of pupusas :( so we went home frustrated - and went to get some Indian food in Berkeley instead.

Many blocks of Harrison Street is closed for this fiesta.

A lot of people, could not get a clear shot of the lovely facades that SF is so famous for.

Please note that I have materials from 2010 that haven't been posted yet. In response to comments from my previous post - the Mediterranean Cruise/Barcelona tour happened in 2009 (November) and was only posted last year.


  1. lovely vibrant images of a lively event!!

  2. Looks fun, but I would come for the food!

  3. looks like a mini fat tuesday celebration. :)

  4. Okay, so now I understand that it only LOOKS like you did a lot in 2010. HA! That reminds me of all the pictures I still haven't shown on our week in France last summer So it makes sense to catch up. I love it. And Carnival is always so colorful, on many levels. :)

  5. Thanks for these spontaneous and bright pictures of San Francisco Carnaval. I enjoy them a lot!

  6. these are colorful and fun photos! i remember seeing a colorful parade in SFo during one of my visits--but i think, it was in February. i've never been to any fiestas in recent years with a camera. i get dizzy in crowded places...i planned of going to the Aliwan festival but changed my mind at the last minute. hopefully this year, i'd be brave.:p

  7. I'll keep the San Francisco Carnaval and the Garlic Festival in Gilroy in mind whenever I go up north this year.

  8. A very nice series showing quite well the great atmosphere!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  9. I love San Francisco. One of my favorite cities! I've only ever been to Filmore Jazz there. I can't go anywhere around that time. Being a teacher, summer is my time and then during April vacation.

    Great snaps. Reminds me of my visit to Santa Barbara (where my daughter lives) and attending their Solstice Fest in late June. Lots of fun.

  10. I actually don't pay much attention to the time/period when your pictures were taken. I simply join each blog entry as your travels/road trips are very well documented through your amazing photos.

    I loved your 2010 pictorial. =)

  11. Aaww, and so it reminds me I really need to attend a festival. I like the colors casted in the street. Parang buhay na buhay lahat!

  12. A party full of colours and smiles. You must be really nusy taking too much photos. Carnival in Barcelona is in february.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  13. Ay 2009 pala yung Europe and Cruise ahihihi. Sensya namen :D

    Ang saya saya naman diyan. Colorful! :)

  14. these kind of events dont give chance to good photos..people everywhere but you have taken good photos.l.congrats

  15. i see hehehe 2009 pala yun.
    kaya ang sarap umattend ng mga festivals and parades kasi super colorful sila.

    great shots :)

  16. what happy faces and fun atmosphere you captured in these photos. Thanks for sharing.


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