Stopping For Lunch and Shopping

After the Valladolid drive through, our trip did another stop - to fill our bellies with goodies and our shopping bags with goodies of another kind.

Part of the tour was a stop at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere where we were going to have a buffet lunch, which included a cultural presentation of the traditional Mayan dance - akin to the Filipino folk dance of Pandanggo Sa Ilaw.

As soon as we alighted the cool comfort of the air-conditioned bus, we were ushered into full blown shopping. We were told all these merchandise were handcrafted by the local Mayans. They have everything you can ask for. I had the most fun looking and browsing. I managed to buy a few pieces. We were not told that there would be more shopping to be had at CHICHEN ITZA. It was my understanding that this was the last chance we had at buying souvenirs.

I tell you though that over at Chichen Itza is the same exact merchandise that they sell here. I did not inquire of the price because I already bought the pieces in this location, but I'm sure that the prices would be lower at Chichen Itza since they had to sell those wares. Just thought I'd put that in.

The restaurant was across the shop.

The shop with our tour guide Ruben in white shirt.

Copy of IMG_3360
This area houses the wood carvings, including a lot of Mayan masks.

Copy of IMG_3351
Like these.

It seemed like we were shopping for hours, my husband gave up any ghost of pretense of liking to shop.
It was a buffet lunch - the selection was international fare.

Mayan Dance
Traditional Mayan dance being performed. Tips are encouraged :)

We finished our lunch as quickly as we could and roamed around the vicinity. I shot these:

I'm back. I just came back from a week-long cruise in Mexico - which means that I have more Mexico materials before I even get to finish my Cancun series. Oh man, I am so behind.


  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to more Mexican photos or pictures shot in Mexico hehe I never tire of them! :)

  2. I declare, Woman, you're gone more than we are! And that's saying something. :) Great images, as always. i love seeing everything through your eyes.

  3. Welcome back! We did miss you!

    Gawd, pandanggo sa ilaw. We danced that on 6th grade. ;) I'm now googling about Mayan traditional dance.

  4. yehey welcome back. wow you went to Mexico :). I like those masks worth collecting.

  5. Welcome back! I heard about the Mayan dance when a friend of mine went to Cancun for a week-long vacation last month. Aside from that, she told me about the weird things that Mayans were claiming about the end of the world.

    As always, your photos are great!Not to mention your notes about it.

  6. love the photos! i am so envious of you traveling :D. wish i could do one soon :D

  7. bienvenidos a mexico! ^0^
    can;t wait to see more fotos about the trip.
    gosh, those masks looks exotic but I wouldn't think of buying though, it looks kind of heavy.

  8. A fine series of this interesting looking restaurant and gift shop. You got some nice shot of the setting after lunch. Very interesting post.

  9. The place looks so relaxing. The woodcarvings remind me of Baguio. Nice to hear you're back.

  10. Welcome back. I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at your pictures of Mexico or any place else. These photos are wonderful.

  11. Bienvenido de tus vacaciones, espero ver las fotos pronto¡¡¡

  12. Great...another trip... I look forward to see your pictures !

  13. Lovely shots, like that of the masks too.

  14. i like those face woodcarvings. just my type of souvenir. i end up checking out the mayan dance in youtube.

  15. Very enjoyable! Beautiful the masks and the dish of the lunch buffet.

  16. waaahh! i love the artsy masks! I wish I can own a Mayan mask someday, I love to decorate our living room w/ masks. :)

  17. I love Mexican food ! and their beer too :)


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