Auburn, CA

Along Interstate 80 between Sacramento and Reno lies the charming little gold country town of Auburn.  You will not miss it. The domed courthouse is easily seen on the freeway beckoning a traveler to stop by.  In my many trips along this way, I never stopped, always wanted to, but forever minding the travel time.  The sooner you get to the Bay Area -which is about 100 more miles from here - the more chances you get of not being caught in a traffic jam.

Anyway, on Veteran's Day last year, we decided to make a short day trip.  We planned on driving I-80 and stop at any place that we fancy.  That was the no-plan plan for the day.  It turned out to be a lovely day - weather wise, blue skies all day long.

Our first stop was Auburn (we made another stop in Nevada City, which is for another post).  It's a small town and the old town is worth visiting.  Walking up and down old town, going in and out of shops, stopping at a coffee house and getting some java jolt, and of course indulging in photography.  This blog is always in my mind when I go out with the camera. 

Here's some of what I saw and enjoyed in Auburn.

A landmark is this Queen Anne style firehouse.

A stable that is now a restaurant - the menu looks good. Will try it next time.






  1. So often I just zoom past Auburn on my way to Tahoe. Nice to see these shots. I especially like the bar shot...

  2. it's so clean and ang ganda ng mga structures! nice! thnx for sharing! :)

  3. I liked the angle of the first shot. It's showing the volume of the firehouse. I heard myself when you mentioned that you think of your blog whenever you're going out with your camera. :)

  4. looks like an old western town..

  5. Ang ganda-ganda ng lugar! Looking at the pictures, naeengganyo na ako. I wonder kung ano ang nasa loob nung museum.

  6. Its a quaint little town. I have never traveled that far, some place to explore someday.

  7. That is a very cool series. A good place to 'hang' out.

  8. Those "no-plan plan for the day" trips are the best, Maria, aren't they. I love what they offer if you give yourself permission to stop on a dime. That firehouse is to die for! So glad you stopped there because I've never heard of the place. If I lived in CA again, I have a feeling I'd be seeing it for the first time!

  9. A landmark with warm colours in the walls. It's like summer always stay there.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  10. the place seems oh-so-quiet. ^0^
    love the maple leaves.


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