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The beauty of walking along Eastshore State Park is that not only do you get your share of exercise and fresh air, you also get to enjoy some art - junkyard sculpture as one write-up called them.
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Eastshore State Park is a state park and wildlife refuge along the San Francisco Bay shoreline of the East Bay between the cities of Richmond, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland. It encompasses remnant natural wetlands, restored wetlands as well as landfill west of the Eastshore Freeway. It is 8.5 miles (13.7 km) long. Eastshore State Park is jointly managed by the California State Parks and East Bay Regional Park District. [source]
our main goal in coming here was to photograph the wildflowers. Unfortunately, there weren't many. But we managed to capture some.
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The trail wasn't as difficult as I remembered it. I must've mistaken it for another park.

We stopped to photograph wildflowers and birds - and of course my bird shots didn't turn out nice so there isn't any on this post. Soon enough we were nearing Albany Bulb.
04-03-11 071
The park takes you to the water, the bay, to this landfill area that is known as Albany Bulb.

The Albany Bulb (also simply known as The Bulb) is a former landfill largely owned by the City of Albany, in California. The Bulb is the west end of a landfill peninsula jutting west from the east shore of San Francisco Bay. The term "Bulb" is often used to refer to the entire peninsula, which includes the Albany Plateau, north of Buchanan Street at its base; the high narrow "Neck," and the round "Bulb." The Bulb is part of the City of Albany, and can be reached via Buchanan Street or the Bay Trail along the east side of San Francisco Bay.[source]

I call this part of the park Outdoor Museum filled with junkyard sculptures and paintings on cement blocks. All the materials for this art are what washed up onshore. Some of the arts don't last due to vandalism and being victimized by the elements.

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And now for the sculptures made of styrofoam, scrap metal, driftwood, and anything that washes on shore.
04-03-11 072
This one greets you when you first walk in.
04-03-11 074
Hair made of twigs.
04-03-11 094
Looks like a character from a Michael Bay movie.
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04-03-11 09304-03-11 092
04-03-11 073
He said the graffiti needs a little shadow - I can't tell where he put the shadow :)
04-03-11 110
Another artist at work - while his buddies (?) seem to be on a break.
04-03-11 045
The Golden Gate Bridge is within sight and this is said to be a good spot for sunset sighting.

If you have time and would love to read up on the artist(s) of these works of art, click here.


  1. Interesting "characters" but one of them is a bit scary. I liked most the work of art on the cement blocks.

  2. Well that is a good way to use 'junks' that wash up on the shore. It also brings out the creative juices of the artists.

  3. the first scary one that greets you doesn't look inviting at all. sorry to the artist.
    but the rest esp, the graffiti are interesting,
    perfect for sight seeing, people watching and the view of S.f is breathtaking as always. ^0^

  4. galing! interesting items out of scrap.
    who are the artists?

  5. This is totally new to me...something I've never heard about in spite of having lived in CA for 12 years, Maria. I love this kind of creativity! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. They are all interesting, but i love most the last photo of the sparkling waters!

  7. This is a great post, love the art work, amazing graffiti, I saw them at work in Bergen, Norway.
    The view of the Golden Gate bridge is a delight, fabulous, once in my life I like to set eye on the bridge.

  8. Amazing creations, wonderful shots.
    Thanks so much for your comments. :)

  9. Wow, now that looked like a fun walk about! I love the junk sculptures, what a neat idea...and yes, the graffiti too has it's place. Lovely progression of shots!

  10. thanks for taking me to this park. :) you were able to do that with your pictures.

  11. An amazing series of so-called junkyard art. Excellent post.

  12. Nice series, Maria. Such an interesting outdoor art gallery: the works are all so nice and interesting.

  13. Galing! interesting! Very creative ang mga artists na gumawa nyan. Nice flower photos too! Love the shimmery reflections sa last photo.


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