San Francisco de Asis (California Missions Series)

A year or so after I launched my mission to see as many missions as I could, I finally got around to visiting Mission Dolores - or the SF Mission. After all we were in San Francisco and had time to kill. But - this was during the days when phones were simply phones; they only made calls and receive them. And we didn't have any directions in our hand. We knew it was in Dolores Street - hence the name Mission Dolores - but despite driving around the Dolores/Mission/Valencia neighborhood, we were unsuccessful in locating it.

So I put that in the back burner and thought someday I would eventually go and visit it. And we did on our anniversary in 2009. Didn't have any major travel plans so we thought we'd spend the whole day walking the streets of San Francisco before sitting down to a $50 meat buffet dinner at Espestus, We also planned on visiting the Mission finally.

And we came prepared this time with turn by turn direction on how to get to the Mission.


1776 - June 26 - Founded by Padre Francisco Palou. 6th Mission. Named for St. Francis of Assisi, founder of Franciscan order.

1782 - Present building begun.

1791 - Dedicated.

1834 - Secularized.

1845 - Mission lands sold.

1857 - Property returned by presidential proclamation.

Mission Dolores is the oldest intact building in the City of San Francisco and the only intact Mission Chapel in the chain of 21 established under the direction of Father Serra. The Mission has been a steadfast witness to the span of San Francisco's history including the California Gold Rush and the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. [source}

The Old Mission.

Inside Mission Dolores Basilica.

Altar at Mission Dolores Basilica.

Inside the old mission.

The corridor.

The courtyard. The restrooms are on the right.

The Cemetery where Fray Junipero Serra's statue stands.

The Mission Cemetery is the only cemetery that remains within the City limits. The Cemetery is the final resting place for numerous Ohlone, Miwok, and other First Californians as well as notable California pioneers.

This is the resting place for the first SF mayor, Don Francisco de Haro.


This is my entry for this week's MY WORLD (#114)


  1. this is a beautiful old church, and very well-maintained. i like the painted beams and the dome. i love the details on the steeple. terrific photos.

  2. I envy the maintenance of their old churches, how i wish ours are given such treatments too. Your photos are awesome, i always like them, esp the details. thanks.

  3. What a fantastic goal to see as many missions as you possibly can! They are similar yet so very different. Very cool!

  4. Gravesites such as this are fascinating, especially because of the historical value and the atmosphere amid interesting tablets and headstones. Thanks for sharing your world.

  5. What a gorgeous old mission/church and your photos are superb! What a wonderful tour you've taken us on!! So much history and beauty! Thanks for such a great tour! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  6. Very impressive architecture! I love those marble tower against the blue sky.

  7. that's a beautiful mission. i like the colourful beams of the old mission and the steeple against the sky is gorgeous.

  8. It seems that many of the blogs I'm visiting this evening are of places I've been - Toronto, Gouda (Holland), and new this gorgeous mission. It's a real world tour today! Great shots - much better than mine from several years ago.

  9. Lovely mission and lovely photos. Definitely goes on the list for my next visit to SF!

  10. Good to have a mission in life. Great informative post.

  11. Your mission photos are awesome. I just love looking at them and reading your notations. This one is especially nice and a bit ornate in places. As always, I love the cemetery parts of the missions, convents, and monasteries. You can tell I was educated by Dominican nuns. The altar is gorgeous and the sanctuary so simple and beautiful Lovely photography.

  12. Interesting mission.. The architecture and interiors is simply amazing

  13. I'm glad you were finally able to get to this mission. It's absolutely gorgeous.

  14. I love seeing this old style!

  15. Lovely architecture. I think this is a great mission of your to visit all these.

  16. Must be a beautiful light inside this chapel with the sun coming throught the "glass paintings" like in the third picture from the top.

  17. I have been to a few Missions, but so far, this is the most beautiful I have seen (in photos). Like you, I will try at every opportunity to visit all.

  18. what do you mean by mission? a church built with mission? nalito ako.. anyway, the altar and dome are spectacular.

  19. very nice shots.I dont know to say u if the second is the most beautiful...I love all of them

  20. Aren't you glad you finally went? I certainly am. A day walking around San Francisco, what joy!

    Many happy returns of your anniversary.

  21. The architecture is wondrous and a nice piece of history.

  22. What a fine old mission with such beautiful architecture. A wonderful series that lets us see and participate in your visit. Very nice post.

  23. A beautiful mission inside and out with great history to boot. Love the ceiling!

  24. I have never been inside, but pretty sure we passed this a few times....thanks for dropping by my entry...great to be here....great shots btw.

  25. I love all the amazing photographs you have shared with us today. Thanks for sharing

    Visit Picture My World Tuesday

  26. Magnificent architecture! WOW!

  27. A splendid Mission! I'd like to visit in person all these fascinating churches.

  28. you know if the church's well funded or not.
    we have lots of historic ones here too but mostly, they seem to be dilapidated and needs re-construction.
    this is a beauty, the place looks solemn and as always, amazing details. ^0^

    oh! i almost 4get, happy 1000th post!
    makes me wonder if I can make it that far too!? haha.

  29. Hmm how did they let you to take pictures inside? When i was there they didn`t let me to do that. Interesting and a very nice place.


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