A Little Birthday Get-Away

Another birthday to be thankful for. Not mine but husband's. And it was November, the long Thanksgiving weekend was ending and we were extending it by taking a quick 2-night trip to the Central Coast - known for its scenic coastline.

It was a little difficult to plan anything around his birthday because it always fall on or during the Thanksgiving holidays, which we spend with family.

Last year though, his fell just after the long weekend and so we managed to take that quick trip.

Choosing the central coast was a no-brainer. First, it's far enough to be considered a get-away (250 mi/400 km) and near enough to be home in 3 hours drive. Secondly, we got a great deal that was hard to pass up.

And so we packed a little weekend bag and drove down to the Central Coast to San Simeon - our home for the next two nights. San Simeon is a little unincorporated town that is midway between SF and LA (wiki reports it's 250 miles south of SF and 250 miles north of LA). It is mainly known as the home of HEARST CASTLE.

Yes Virginia, there is a castle in California.

I will talk more about the castle in subsequent posts.

On our first day since it was November and it got dark so early, we managed to spend the time restaurant hunting in nearby Cambria - a little village full of shopping, dining, and lodging.

The following day we went on our tour of the castle, which was part of the package deal that we signed up for. The castle has different tours. On my first visit, we took the tour that was meant for first-timers. And that was a long time ago - my camera was film camera back then.

And so I welcomed this tour. We signed up for a different tour, I cannot remember the tour # particularly since when I checked the website the tour content of every tour didn't coincide with what we saw and visited. Anyway, I am guessing that each tour is similar to one another, except maybe a slight difference in the number of rooms visited.

It was a glorious day - blue cloudless sky when we got to Hearst Castle. Here is my first installment of PICTORIAL TOUR OF HEARST CASTLE.

The sign on the freeway.
You enter thru the visitor's center.
While waiting for the tour to commence, browse the merchandise. I love this store. I wish I could buy everything I want :) (see I used want not need).
We looked around and photograph everything, as if seeing it for the first time. Let me tell you for a stretch penny aficionado, I appreciated that they have a machine here.
I love the tile design on the floor and what's up with the fountain indoors?
And what's up with people and fountain? Why do they throw pennies on every fountain they see?

TO BE CONTINUED.................


  1. I must say I learn a lot when visiting this blog site. When you started about the central coast, I thought it is somewhere down south, e.g. Texas. Then you said halfway between LA and SF - so, there - I have learnt :-)

  2. i wanna see how an american castle would look like.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed already and you've only taken us through the visitor's centre, wait till we get to the castle! lol

  4. Wow, I didn't know there is a castle in California ;-) ...I guess people are throwing pennies on a fountain just to get rid of their heavy coins from their purse? hahaha...and then wish that in return it would be replaced by more money LOL

  5. Your photos are always full of life and colour although we can't see people.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  6. Blogger ate all my comments yesterday, Maria, which I hate. What a mess.

    I remember visiting this castle eons ago and can still see the indoor swimming pool, which amazed me. I'm guessing the Heast Castle is to CA what the Biltmore House is to NC. Different but monumental! And well worth seeing...both of them.

  7. Wishing upon a fountain is a favorite recourse to many. Although I've not seen any coin in the fountains I've visited in the UAE.

  8. nothing's changed inside. ^0^
    it still looks the same.
    my sis loves collecting coins, whenever we pass by a location that has a machine, she has to have that particular coin as a memento.
    have to ask her if she has a hearst coin too.

  9. lovely pics, and yeah i think people has lot of "wishes" and alas not many "wishing wells/ fountains" around :P

  10. Sounds like your hubby's birthday was a blast....considering these photos, I can say that it's certainly a blast. The place is so clean and I just love the skylight.

    Last year, I wished upon a fountain here in the UAE, specifically here in Al Ain, at Salmi Park, glad that my wish came true :)

  11. Beautiful photos. You seem to have enjoyed yourself:)


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