Mission Soledad (California Missions Series)

Sometimes it pays to be lucky. I was traversing the road that passes thru Nuestra Senora de la Soledad Mission (Our Lady of Solitude)on the way home from a long weekend in Cambria when we spotted the sign for the Mission and so we went for the visit.

From the highway, we passed thru agricultural lands, but the Mission wasn't that far from the highway. This one is simple compared to the ones I have visited so far.

3 miles west of the town of Soledad and 25 miles south of Salinas in Monterey County.


1791 - October 9, founded by Lasuen, 13th mission. Named for Our Lady of Solitude.

1797 - First church (thatch-roofed adobe) completed.

1805 - Enlarged.

1831 - Collapsed.

1834 - Secularized.

1846 - Sold.

1859 - Returned to church.

1963 - Padres' wing restored.

1964 - Chapel restored

Getting ready for planting?
Free admission.
Mission Soledad
Simple facade.





In the back of the chapel is a courtyard with olive trees and this fountain. It wasn't operational when we were there.

He's checking the olives.


  1. Simple but it is a lot like the Mission San Francisco Solano or San Juan Bautisa. I guess the once in the more populated areas were more elaborate.

  2. if the purpose of buying those items goes to the mission then it is indeed worth the buy. i hope more and more churches will be preserved as it was built by the missionaries.

  3. Are you kidding me? 25 miles south of Salinas...and now I'm t6hinking of all the times I was in the area, visiting Donica's mom! I would have loved to see this mission. Thanks for letting me see it now.

  4. visiting you back after a long time, do you get my messages sa FB? Been wondering...

  5. It is disappointing that I missed seeing this historic and charming Mission when we were in the area. Your images here give us a wonderful glimpse of it; thanks so much,

  6. Glad you didn't miss it. Love that long porch photo.

  7. you've given us a fine presentation of this fine, old mission. I'm glad they were able to come up with the funds to restore it. Nice shots in the interior and outside too.

  8. Oh, wonderful, I love these trips out with you to visit places like this, places I might never otherwise get to see but through your thoughtful lens! Thanks again for the visual feast and history!

  9. That's a lovely old mission. Definitely worth a side trip to get these great photos.

  10. Another fabulous Mission! Great sequence, Maria.

  11. the place is interesting, i love the simplicity of the church, very mexican. ^0^

  12. It was mexican territory right? The essence of latin america is still there. Great trip.



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  13. Wonderful photos of my family's mission. I am a Soberanes. We have visited the mission and love to keep coming back. It makes us feel like we are a part of the rich history of California. Yes, this is a simple mission, but if your house was continually flooded you wouldn't make it very ornate either. And it isn't Mexican. It was founded by the Spanish church. The site was scouted by Spanish soldiers. My great.....etc.... grandfather helped to establish many of the churches along the mission trail. The history of this mission is rich and sad. By the time my family purchased it, it was already falling to ruins. I am very happy to see the rebuilt sections of the church and hope to see more reconstruction in the future. Thank you for the beautiful photos.


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