And So We Got To See Cabo

So when the negotiations were settled we loaded into a van for 8. We had plenty of room.

Highway 1 is the only highway in the Baja Peninsula. It would take us all the way to California, so it's hard to get lost around these parts.

We saw many resorts along the coast of the Pacific Ocean and many more in the process of getting built.

lumix 141
We were headed to San Jose del Cabo - the main city, where gov't offices are located as well as the airport.

01-29-11 mexico cruise 048
As the road curves, there was a little overlook. We stopped so he could show us the resorts/hotels lining the shores of the Sea of Cortez.
lumix 157
We asked to see the city center of San Jose del Cabo. He dropped us infront of this church, which I learned from the sign is a Mission. Imagine that! Another collection to my mission churches photos.

lumix 162
There is very little information about the mission from the sign outside; however, it said that 2 of the Jesuit missions of California were dedicated to San Jose and this was one of them.

It was a quiet afternoon and there were two people inside plus us. Outside I saw an old lady selling some little knick knacks. We bought some.

And this plaza area is pedestrianized, so we planned to use our alloted time to explore it by foot and take all the shots we could take. We were not keen on sampling any food here - too touristy for our taste :)
lumix 180
Gazebo so very pretty.
lumix 185
I did not investigate closer to see what's on sale here.
lumix 186
Busts around the fountain area.
lumix 179
lumix 188
And more colors. The clock tower is the city hall.
lumix 190
Where are the tourists?
01-29-11 mexico cruise 071
We went inside the city hall.

Upon entry, I saw a courtyard inside the building, alfresco.
01-29-11 mexico cruise 072

lumix 196
lumix 195
lumix 197
lumix 199
Locals conducting their business in the city hall.

And then we thought we'd walk some more and that's when I shot these:
lumix 200
lumix 208
There wasn't much to do around here other than shopping and eating, and we already had our fill of photography, so we asked to be brought back to Cabo San Lucas in the hope of exploring more of the marina area.

On the drive back, my husband asked to be taken to a local hangout, where the driver himself gets his meals when he's working. So we were taken to a roadside little place called Blue Marlin where the food was excellent and the 'chef' was hospitable and very friendly.

lumix 212
The chef and his assistant goofing around infront of my camera.
lumix 211
A little snack to tide us over - but what flavors!

The tour is not over just yet. To be continued.


  1. Looks like you had great food on your trip!

  2. Now I envy you! :-) I didn't make it to Baja California... Great shots!

  3. What a wonderful tour! I love the colors, love the courtyard.

  4. This is a wonderful series already! Your shots show us the places and people very well. It's obviously a great place to visit for local foods and for tourist things to buy. Nicely done.

  5. Amazing how the church looks like so many here. Or maybe not so amazing considering our histories. :) The rest of the architecture is quite different though and I love it!

    It was because of Christian's blog about the BenCab Museum that I insisted we visit this time around. Wonderful place and definitely a must-see.

  6. You made me remember my peruvian roots.



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  7. Thanks for sharing this very nice sequence of pictures. What a nice tour!


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