Ready for My Day in Cabo

This is how I planned our no-plan day in Cabo. Get off the boat, find someone to take us somewhere where I could take pictures and/or shop, and go back to the boat. Easy, eh?

Not that easy it seemed. I am used to docking on port where there would be more than one cruise ship docked at the same time, so when it was just our ship and us going down to visit Cabo I thought it would be easy. Less competetion for pavement space, elbow room, etc, etc.

Let me first show you what lovely sights I have seen and captured while the tender was traversing the waters from the where our cruise ship anchored to the dock.

Don't know that this is but it's pretty interesting.
Does this look like something that Johnny Depp would use?
It was a lovely day when we docked, mild temps and sunny.
When we got off the tender, I noticed this scene. I wondered if they rented a boat to see the arches up close.
This is where we docked, noticed there are some shopping here right away.
The sign made me smile. It promises to be a beautiful day, I murmured to myself.
And immediately after getting out of the shaded walkway, this sign greeted me. Very promising indeed. I could use a scenic tour.
And so we enquired about the specifics of the tour - how much, what is included, etc etc.

We were in discussion with the guide who wouldn't like to take our price. We offer reasonable price, but not the price he quoted. It was a pingpong match that ensued. And while no side is raising the white flag, I went on a shooting spree.

Artiste :)
Mural of dia del muerte (day of dead). I did not sit on the chair.
Went crazy people watching. I am guessing she's a local.
Many have chosen to stay close to the dock and shop and eat. It must not be their first time here.

It didn't seem like a tour was possible. The guide wasn't budging and while I surreptitiously whispered to the hubs to take the price the guide was quoting, he was adamant on staying put with his offer. And what a girl to do, but shoot?
lumix 225
Promising eh?
Mouth watering proposition.
lumix 220
We did a little windowshopping. When we returned the guide agreed to our price and was willing to give us the tour according to our price. Isn't that great? Better is that we get to set the itinerary.

I thought he realized that since the cruisers weren't particularly interested in sightseeing outside of this area, instead of no business, a business with less profit is agreeable. Just cutting his loses for the day.

To be continued.................


  1. It's really good your husband stood with his offer - more often than not, businesses will oblige when they know there's not much customers.

    Now let's see where this guide has brought you to...

  2. A nice day to explore and shop!

  3. It's good your hubby haggles well. I lost my bargaining skill when I left Pinas LOL.

  4. when i travel, i have a tiny with me with a list of things i have to do and must visit sights, but most of time, we ended up changing it.
    i guess, it's hard to plan things ahead sometimes, but i'm glad the guide agreed with your price.

  5. A fantastic series while the haggling the price went on...and on. Nice variety of shots of the place enticing you to stay a while. Nice post...and more to come.

  6. I just love everything about the Dia de los Muertos! It's my favourite shot.


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