Puerto Vallarta: Beach Scene

Going to the beach wasn't in my plans for any of the port of calls for this cruise. I was more interested in seeing the downtown or old town where I can experience some local color. However, in Puerto Vallarta our guide stopped the van a block from the beach. Actually, he pulled over by the shopping district and pointed to the direction of the beach. He said in the alloted time we could either shop or walk the beach. We opted for the latter. And boy was that a good decision.








And while scoping the scene and soaking up the atmosphere, something delicious wafted straight into my nostrils. We followed the scent, and found there is a make shift bbq that serves grilled tacos and shrimp kebabs and coconut juice to wash all this all down (2 carnitas tacos + 1 shrimp kebab + 1 coconut = 15 Mexican pesos or roughly $2).

Follow that guy!

Senor, you want one?

Fixing the tacos.


Your order is 15 pesos senor, go grab a seat on the beach and I'll bring you your food.

Ocean front living.


  1. Oh how I miss the warmth of the sea side. Those kebabs look enticingly delicious. I can almost smell the aroma from here.

  2. The "beach" was an excellent choice as it gave you all these fine photo opportunities. Excellent series. The beach food sounded very good.

  3. the water looks pristine and the sky looks gorgeous, just timely that you were there
    even it wasn't planned.
    btw, was that the hotel were you guys stayed on the last photo? pretty, a sight overlooking the beach...^0^
    and the food looks really tempting,
    I suddenly miss b.b-q...^0^

  4. Your order is 15 pesos senor, go grab a seat on the beach and I'll bring you your food. >>> oh i love those lines. in my ears... "go and relax"

    beach may be not extravagant but the fact that youre in the beach looking at the horizon and waiting for the barbecue... ah. perfect.

  5. The third shot is my favourite, it looks like a deserted beach and the boats are lovely.

  6. Hi! Ojala entiendan español, jaja. La verdad que las fotografias son espectaculares. Puerto vallarta es hermoso! Pienso pasar alli mis proximas vacaciones, si me da las dan en mi trabajo en barcelona. Bye!


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