Puerto Vallarta: The Botanical Garden and the Waterfront

When we left the downtown area, our guide informed us that this tour goes to the botanical garden, which is the end of the tour. I didn't realize we had an itinerary to be honest with you, because it was never discussed.

Anyway, we drove out of town and went up the hill passing some residential areas along the way, then we drove to a section of dirt road where there was nothing there but brush, like we reached the middle of nowhere. But when the road curved we managed to peek at the water from the top of the hill which was very picturesque. Unfortunately, the driver did not stop.

As we were nearing the destination, we passed by a small village that looks like it was celebrating a fiesta. We begged the driver to stop by the front of the church, which looks like the downtown area. There was nothing there but a few houses and the little parish, a capilla. But the dirt road was watered to keep the dust to a minimum.

The locals gather around the church. There was a service going on at the time.
Locals dressed in costume for the festivities later. We were told the party was going to be that night.
This was the downtown :)

The drive up the hill including the stop was roughly 30 minutes from the downtown area. While a couple of my tour mates asked if we could stop at a tequila brewery for the tequila tasting, the driver said the tequila tasting at the garden is much better, because we will not be pressured to purchase after the tasting.

When we arrived at the botanical garden, our driver did his spiel and showed us some tropical plants and what their uses are. Having been raised in a tropical country, nothing I was seeing was new to my eyes, so I kind of tune him out of my system and just went my way about the garden photographing plants and flowers.






Soon after he was herding us up the stone steps to the restaurant up on the hill.

Shot glasses could be personalized for souvenir.

I am a wine person, but the tequila tasting was fun. First, it was free. Second, they have a variety of tequilas. There was almond tequila, orange tequila, chocolate tequila, mint tequila, among other flavors. Could you believe that? Being a chocoholic that I am I was really tempted to grab a bottle of the choco tequila, but even the small size was big enough for me.

When that was over we were allowed to look around the place. I didn't know that this place offered ziplining. Maybe if the group wanted to go ziplining we could have strong armed the guide into letting us do it. But as it was no one was interested, except us maybe.

The restaurant with the canopy. So relaxing out there, with a little brook running next to it, it was a perfect setting.

A few steps down the dining area is this sight. Prettier in person.

The good thing about our guide is that he was quite different. When we descended from the hill, he asked us if there was somewhere else we wanted to go. None of us could think of a place to go to, and so we were okay to have the tour end right there. However, the guide suggested that since it was quite early yet, if we wanted to see how the real Puerta Vallarta looks like he'll take us to where tourists never go. A unison of yes was the answer from the van.

He drove us to residential areas that looked like any residential area in Asia, okay I'll say Philippines. Some areas are decent, but others are downright ugly. Unfortunately I was sitting in the middle seat which barred me from getting any drive by shots at all. We were thankful that he has shown us this side of town.

We were dropped off the dock and here we parted ways with our tourmates. My husband and I were not hungry and we had at least 2 hours left before we were required to go back to the ship. So we didn't go back. We went to look at this huge Disney cruise liner that was docked next to us. We didn't see it when we dock in the morning.

We walked and walked under the heat of the sun. I wasn't too much bothered by the heat and humidity, because I was enjoying taking photos of everything.
It's just so pretty out there.

At the end of the trail we saw that there was a flea market a few yards away, which meant that we would have to leave the compound. We have gotten some coffee packages and little knick knacks here. Most of the items here you find everywhere too. Same merchandise everywhere.
In the same compound they have a restaurant that looks like it caters to tourists, the hanging dollar bills on the ceiling and everywhere are a big clue. We weren't hungry as I told you earlier, but we ordered the gigantic margarita and an order of nachos just so we werent just drinking.
The restaurant was airconditioned which made us stay longer than necessary.

When we got onboard we stayed on the deck to catch more scenes digitally.
This is a bullfighting arena that can be seen from the deck. I snapped this in the morning before we disembarked. There was a crowd out waiting for it to open it seems. I didn't know if there was a bullfight that day.

At the Mazatlan series, I mentioned that there was travel advisory regarding Mazatlan. Now it seems that Carnival and Royal Carribean or is it Princess Cruises have scratched Mazatlan off this route, it seemed to have gotten too dangerous to stop in Mazatlan. I don't know if NCL, the one I took also followed suit. Instead of Mazatlan, the two cruise lines above now stay overnite in Cabo before sailing to Puerto Vallarta.


  1. Thanks for this interesting tour, described with very beautiful pictures. So attractive the plants, the flowers, the outdoor restaurant, all the nice views.

  2. Believe it or not. Maria, I lived in Mexico City for about 6 weeks one summer years ago, and another 6 weeks in the jungle close to the Guatemala border, but have never been to these resort towns in Mexico. I love seeing them through your eyes. Thank you. Daughter Amy went to Cancun on her honeymoon several years ago, so I've seen that, too, through her. Can you imagine what happens to their economy when the tourists don't visit??!!

  3. i;m definitely enjoying this post p.c.
    from the gumamelas you found at the Botanical and the free tequila shots which i think i'd go tipsy if i were to try. haha.
    and finally, the view from the land to the sea was spectacular!
    just picturesque.
    happy weekend!

  4. A fine series all the way from flowers to boats. Nice variety and this is loaded with fine pictures.

  5. Great tour, as if I walked with you throughout your journey. That Disney ship is huge. I heard Disney cruises are great. My coworker just came from one and she's raving about it.

  6. Wow! What a fantastic tour and stunning pictures! Just a great reportage.
    I will come back again to review this amazing post. Thanks for sharing.

  7. love their purple peacock headgear!

  8. Passing by that small village on your way to the Botanical garden is one of those little gems - after all, that's where the locals are with something going on.

  9. Parce una ciudad del mediterrĂ¡neo¡¡¡¡.Saludos

  10. Most areas really look like some small towns here, and the vegetation too. However, that restaurant under the trees is lovely, is it as hot and humid as here? It seems their trees are more preserved there! It also reminded me of Villa Escudero, where the restaurant is in the creek where you eat while your feet are under water.

  11. Can you believe I have never drunk tequila?



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  12. Oh mexico .. i am adding this city to my list of places to visit, i loved the small stream next to the resturant,yea defn prettiest in person.

    Your pictures are so vivid and neat that itself says more stories, combained with ur easy narration its a treat to read :P

    Very happy about you two taking this trio together. Great going , please post more :)

  13. You captured a lot on your visit here. I love that crazy sky above the Disney cruise ship. Great series of shots!

  14. the guide suggested that since it was quite early yet, if we wanted to see how the real Puerta Vallarta looks like he'll take us to where tourists never go. >>> i would definitely be one of those to say yes as well. beautiful when you get to see beyond the usual tourist spots.

    i love going to places where the road is not yet paved.

  15. I like that restaurant under the canopy. It looks cool, must feel cool too.


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