Let's Stop and Enjoy The Flowers

.....before the madness of the Holiday Season is upon us. Yes, dear friends, it's August again. It's going to be all downhill from here and before we know it we are humming fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la again.

So let me show you some of the flower images I have captured so far. I've been taking quite a few flower pictures lately, which is like going back to the roots of this blog. You may remember that my first post(s) is about lilies.

The images were taken from different times and different locations in different weather. Enjoy. Looking at flowers makes me happy and lightens my burdens.

Don't know the name, they grow wild. July 10, 2011 @ a regional park.

My memory is not working today I cannot remember this flower's name. May 24, 2011 @ Mission Carmel.

Roses, May 24, 2011 @ Mission Carmel.

Name unknown, May 24, 2011 @ Mission Carmel. Seen the same blooms infront of a church in SF.

Some sort of daisy right? Do you think they dye these? I got these from the grocery store. April 9. 2011 @ my dining table.

I can never remember this flower's name. May 25, 2011 @ Mission San Juan Bautista.

Name unknown. May 25, 2011 @ Mission San Juan Bautista.

05-07-11 063
Rose. May 7, 2011 @ my backyard.

Yellow Lily
Lilies. May 21, 2011 @ Christ the Lord church yard.


  1. Such beauty that only nature could give!

  2. same here, flowers make me so happy whenever i see them. they're my favorite subject to photograph :)

  3. always perfect for subject of photography =)

  4. Hi MRoy, as usual those are beautiful photos! Regarding your message in my post for me to ID these flowers, i am so sorry to disappoint you, as most plants i know are tropicals or those found here in the country. I am not giving justice to these if i do, as i might just be guessing from what i see in other blogs or from the net. Temperate climate plants which i see abroad look so fascinating for me so i've also asked other temperate country bloggers. Example was Wisteria which i saw in Sweden and Turkey, which took my fancy from then on. I am about to plant it here as i heard we have it, but learned it is quite invasive in the tropics, so i stopped. I posted my wisteria photos in previous posts. Am sorry again, if i know the plants i will tell you. Thanks for thinking i know them! haha!

  5. never a dull moment with flowers --- they're always captivating, even more so when immortalized in photos.

  6. lovvely to see the flowers in the morning, Ur backyard looks lovely :)

  7. Perfectly beautiful photos. I am so impressed!

  8. Yes you are right, flowers do stir in us joyous feelings. :)

  9. So lovely! I really enjoy these nice flowers!

  10. Flowers do make me happy, I sometimes take flowers home, even flowerpots for in the window sill.
    .... names.... I don't know... I put them all under the file 'flower' :D..
    Wonderful post again.
    Have a great day, Maria.

  11. these are all beautiful! the first flower is thistle. the 6th flower is my favorite--super ganda!

  12. I loved your macro shots! I find the yellow flowers so striking and cheerful. Inggit ako sa mga flower shots nyo ni Kayni.

  13. This is a beautiful series of flower shots. I like the detail and rich colors that you captured too. Well done.

  14. You had me at Hello with that first image, Maria. WOW. I love this post...especially now that I'm using my macro lens. :)

  15. beautiful flowers and i like the first photo. just by looking at it makes me so kilig hahaha.


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