Point Bonita Lighthouse

I've been seeing Point Bonita Lighthouse from a distance for years and only last year was I able to see it up close.

Point Bonita today is part of the largest urban national park in the United States, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. A secret jewel of the Bay Area, Point Bonita is still an active lighthouse. The U.S. Coast Guard maintains the lighthouse and the National Park Service provides access to visitors.

Point Bonita Lighthouse is reached by a half mile trail that is steep in parts. Discover Point Bonita’s wild landscape, geology and fascinating history. The tunnel halfway to the lighthouse is open only during visiting hours: Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. [source]

Part of the half mile trail - a very scenic one - the Golden Gate Bridge is to the left. At the end of this trail is a tunnel.


Two person at at time to cross the bridge.

From the website: NOTE: Currently the tunnel to the suspension bridge/lighthouse is open Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 12:30–3:30 pm. However the lighthouse is not accessible due to the suspension bridge closure. Starting September 1, 2011 construction on the bridge is due to begin. During construction the trail and tunnel to Point Bonita will only be open Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 - 3:30 pm. Construction is scheduled to be completed by Spring of 2012.

Didn't get much shots on the lighthouse itself, was more into the views from the lighthouse.
Like this view.
Let's go back.
I love this shot of the monk crossing the bridge.
Along the trail on the way back I noticed this sign.
And looked out to the water and saw the harbor seals peacefully resting.

I hope I'm showing you a little bit of San Francisco that you don't see often on the web.


  1. Yes you showed us the unfamiliar scenes. That first rock photo when seen on your avatar looks like barnacles. The presence of the monk and those seals looked like the place is not in SF.

  2. Totally new to me, Maria. I love it all, especially the colorful monk. :

  3. i love the rugged coastline--it's breathtaking. i also love your shot of a monk crossing the bridge. beautiful photos.

  4. wow! nice shot of the monk crossing the bridge and the peaceful seals. i wish i can see them too one day.

  5. Oh so breath-taking! Even the monk couldn't resist the beauty before his eyes.

  6. youve found some really interesting subjects. the monk and the seals. but im amazed at the huge rocks and bridges.

  7. yes, they don;t remind me of S.F actually,
    when I saw the two people on the bridge sign, yikes, it was a bit scary, but the monk crossing the bridge was also my fave.
    really beautiful scenery.

  8. very pretty. i also love the monk crossing the bridge shot.

  9. I love lighthouses! and yeah you're right, love that photo of the monk crossing the bridge. rare shot i should say, not everyday you get to see a monk in there ayt? or maybe I'm wrong. hehe

  10. Impressive walkway and cliffs!

  11. A fine series that takes on this interesting walk to the lighthouse. You are showing us a "little to never" seen part of SF. Well done.

  12. i can spend my whole afternoon just watching those seals..

    wait, naka-shades ba yung monk? =)

  13. Very interesting, perhaps some day I'll get a chance to visit the light.

  14. Fantastic place! The top shot is amazing. Love this post.

  15. It is one of the coolest lighthouses I've been to. And it's right here in our backyard! Glad you were there for the blue skies too!


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