San Francisco At Random

From the very first time that I was driven around by my brother to see the city he called home, I fell in love with the beautiful houses. They are as much an attraction as the Golden Gate Bridge or the stunning bay views or driving up and down the hills or even savoring the full flavor of a dungeness crab.

From that very first time until today, as much as possible I never go to the city without a camera in my hand. No matter what I go to the city for, I find time to click on the beautiful houses.

Let me show you what my lens had captured over the years, some are drive bys and others are walk bys.

Someone commented on flickr that this is an example of a mock Tudor. Glad for the info.

An Italianate?

At only 49 (+/-) sq mi, land is a premium in the city, so take advantage of every possible spot for gardening.

If you see this image, you would not think of SF.

And this one has that Parisian flavor to it. I see something new each time I aim the lens at something in the city.

Modern and traditional sit side by side.


  1. nice houses...i've never been to SF. it's on my list to visit when i can fly again.

  2. Real estate properties are so expensive in SF just as NYC but the houses there really look stunning - even those ones in Lombard Street!

  3. An interesting look around the city!

  4. Such beautiful homes! If they could talk, I wonder what they would say about their occupants. hehe :D

  5. I like the ample lighting in all of these fotos.
    I have good and sad memories about S.f but if given the chance, i do like to visit it again and hopefully this time, the weather won't go against me. ^0^

    have a good weekend ahead.

  6. Great photos! Love so much these architecture!

  7. I love looking at SF houses too and I always wonder what they look like inside. You captured these shots with such great lighting that enhances the details.

  8. All beautiful houses of SF, very nice pictures. "Modern and traditional" of the last image, is really interesting.

  9. nice. i like the 4th picture. :D

  10. love the architecture of the houses! fusion of old school and modern ones! :) have to catch up with a lot of your posts. i miss blogging! :)

  11. What a great set of shots of the beautiful SF architecture! Love them all.

  12. There's no place like SF, Maria. One day I'd like to fo back and spend lots of time there walking around. You know me...I love the architecture!

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