Old Fisherman's Wharf - Monterey

I don't exactly know how it happened, but for two consecutive years we have been going to Monterey for our anniversary get-away. Whatever the reason is I'm very happy that it happened that way. It seems like I see something new each time I go to Monterey. For sure, I have never really gotten to all the "surface" that is Monterey.

This May we stayed in a beautiful hotel called Portola Hotel and Spa which is a few steps away from everything, especially the Old Fisherman's Wharf, which sadly I haven't seen before until that day. Imagine looking out from your hotel room and seeing the activity below on the wharf.

Here are what my camera captured while enjoying the lovely early evening light.






Splash says the harbour seals!


may 24-25 2011 140

may 24-25 2011 154

may 24-25 2011 158

I am enjoying being a tourist in my own state.


  1. I enjoyed these shots very much. Looks like a great place for a vacation.

  2. Wonderful shots. My kids would be happy to spend time at the candy store.

    Happy sky watching.

    Storm Surge
    Full Moon

  3. Oh those are nice! What wonderful lighting you captured them in. I recognize a lot of these spots. We are lucky to live so close to such a beautiful destination!

  4. One thing that describes your post for today is colorful especially the 2nd, 3rd and 4th photos. Echoing Carver comment. I would love to spend some holiday in this place.

  5. i am sure i walked through that quaint path on your 3rd photo more than a decade ago! we joined a tourist bus before (i wish i was already blogging then!) from downtown LA-Sta Monica-Sta Barbara-Malibu-17 mile drive-Monterey-Carmel-San Francisco-Sequoia-Fresno then back to LA. funny how your post brings so much memories!

  6. First of all Congratulation on your Anniversary!
    Monterey looks really a wonderful place. Love all photos, but I specially love the photo with the dog surfing. So cute!

    Thanks for your Congratulation on my 6th Blog Anniversary.

  7. gawd. you make me want to go fishing again. whoa!

    happy anniversary! ilang taon na kayong married?

  8. that guy paddling the surf with his doggie is awesome.

  9. Isn't that fun, Maria--being a tourist in your own backyard! That's what I feel about the Netherlands where I now live. I want to see every square inch of it. :)

  10. Hello, Maria! I can't find your e-mail address, so I'm writing you here about the SC issue of not being able to comment. I wrote John, our administrator, and this is what he said:

    Good morning Ginnie!

    Haven't heard of any issues recently. From what she says I could imagine it's one of the following:
    - She can't get to the submit button on the comment form
    - She gets the error message "incorrect anti-spam code"
    - She gets a different error message
    Otherwise, it's some other issue I haven't encountered before. If she could provide more information (e.g. a screenshot) it would help me ascertain the issue. Feel free to give her my e-mail address.


    If you could send me an e-mail address for yourself, I can get his address to you so that we can continue the conversation: ginnie.hart@xs4all.nl

  11. I love your last statement - it shows in the beautiful photos you took!

  12. I really like the atmosphere of this place. Great shots!


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