Tucked midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco is the seaside village of Cambria. It's a delightful little town.  The spectacular coastal views are what draws the tourists here.  Its next door neighbor is Hearst Castle, which is one of the main attractions around these parts.

The town is filled with shopping places, cafes and restaurants and during the day you can spend your time hiking, biking, or watching the elephant seals.

I like walking around town with my camera and taking pictures.  I'll show  you what I have captured.








The local pharmacy was home of the central coast rubber ducky. I was not the only one taking photos :)

The Squibb House - a b&b - looks pretty charming. Hope to stay here someday.

While there were many many choices, we opted to have dinner at Robins where we ordered a bunch of appetizers and made a meal out of them. I even asked if that would be okay, since I've always wanted to go in a restaurant and just order appetizers. I'm not a big fan of entree or main courses.

We were persuaded to try the soup of the day - I cannot remember what it is now :)
The Mezze Plate consisted of quinoa tabboulleh, hummus, tzatziki, feta, olives and wheat chips. I love Mediterranean food.
Crispy Vietnamese spring rolls.
The naan pizza - naan bread with toppings that changes daily. It's yummy.

We ordered a couple more dishes but the images didn't turn out well.

The next day we were able to capture this beautiful sunset.

Travel time for this post was November 2010. Yes, still catching up with old posts.


  1. I always enjoy photos from your travels, somehow I got lots of information and your nice photos fill my curiosity. So, thanks.

  2. Oh I love towns like this and days like you describe. I wish I was there now!

  3. That looked like some good pizza!

  4. Wish I could visit Cambria but I know it won't happen soon. Nice place and looks like a perfect place to unwind.

  5. Lovely photos, Maria. That naan pizza looks yum!

  6. A fine series. Thanks for taking us along as you explored this interesting place. The food looks so good. Now I'm hungry… again!

  7. i don't mind late post P.C.
    i love looking at them,
    sorry for not commenting, still been busy... ^0^
    those vietnamse rolls looked tempting and the place seemed off and laid back but really quaint. i wish i can visit this village someday.

    ps: cute lil scarecrow. ^-^

  8. Very interesting series, I've enjoyed all the nice pictures!

  9. know what i love about checking your blog and Nomadic Pinoy's blog is , you take me to places I've never been to and may never reach. so thanks for always sharing your wonder photos and stories.

  10. Kudos for capturing an excellent sunset! :)

  11. I love that you catch up on these places, Maria, because they're really timeless. It doesn't really matter when you went but THAT you went. You're as bad as we are! :) Astrid would love the rubber ducky display!


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