People Watching: Random Shots

I'm picking up with the series, People Watching, while I sort out photos from my September vacation.

Showing true colors. FYI I want one of these for Christmas!
To each his own.
Waiting for the WALK sign.
Every day city sight.
04-30-11 036
Girlfriends are necessities of life.
Curious about what she's reading.


  1. Incredible hat on top! :-)

  2. one of my fave activity pag nasa park or beach... people watching :)

  3. I wish we can take photos easily here too. Those are lovely photos, i love most especially the garden with lilies. Where is that, it seems in a very mild climate to have them sitting there comfortably.

  4. I like the girlfriends photo. It's very interesting to watch people... a really-real reality show!

  5. i love the fourth photo! it is as if i felt that sunny warmth here!

  6. the pic of the 2 girls at the flower farm makes me wish summer is back :)

  7. i've always loved people watching...great collection!

  8. know what? i find it hard to take pictures of random people. often wary that they might catch me taking photos. that's why i adore street photographers who have the guts to ask random people to take pics, even pose for them... :(

  9. hello, photo cache! i love the collection but especially the one with the girl friends. nice capture!

  10. People Watching is one of the best past-times of life, if you are in the right place at the right time. :) Books could be written in photos alone.

  11. the last photo looks like it was taken at parc guel, barcelona?

  12. I love your people watching shots. I'm shy about photography around people and wish I could get over that.

  13. Girlfriends are necessities, I love that. I miss my best friend now that I saw the picture.

  14. haha, people watching has been my fave these days, there's something mysterious about them sometimes. ^0^

    hi pc,,, i mean Maria. ^0^
    already got our visa (finally!)!
    suddenly all that giddiness went too much that
    sad to say, we might have to postpone our trip (again). family problems...
    anyways, i hope all goes well, i still have a month to ponder and wait for a decision whether or not to go... hay!

  15. I like people watching too kaya lang may pagka strict dito sa lugar ko, nagkakasya na lang ako sa tingin or else I will end up sitting in the four corners of jail pag may nagreklamo sa aking nagpi-piktyur ng mga tao lalo na yung mga naka-abaya.


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