Yellows, Browns, and Reds

As I found out late in October, the leaf peeping season is a couple or so weeks away from its peak. But I already drove the 250 miles to get to my leaf peeping spot and by hook or by crook I was going to get me some fall color shots.

The explosion of colors in the hillside was nowhere to be found, the trees lining the streets were still verdant, but the lady at the local pizza restaurant where my husband and I and four other tourists in this quaint town of Quincy - the seat of Plumas County - told us to head out to the fairgrounds as there were some trees that had changed colors.

We found some yellows, browns and sprinkling of reds along the way too. Times like this I wish I live somewhere north where one can truly enjoy the changing of the season.

This is my fall color post for this year. I will try to take some photos of the trees in my neighborhood when they change colors. Right now they are very green still.

2011_10_22 087

2011_10_22 054







How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days. ~John Burroughs

Happy Fall season everyone!


  1. If I can grow old like this, Maria, I'll be a very happy camper!!!

  2. Beautiful! Just beautiful! That's the wonder of living in a place where the seasons change. But autumn in Quincy is especially beautiful.

  3. A gallery full of feelings and kind green. You always have your camera ready.



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  4. Sheer poetry. Stunning photos, colours and light. The light in the sixth photo is amazing and you've captured that (and all the others) so beautifully!

  5. and again i wish we have four seasons.

  6. Last week Ginnie and I were in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia.... that was amazing.
    Delightful browns and reds and yellow/gold.
    Your pictures are just beautiful, love the leave on the ground.
    You did a great job with the sun and the shadow.

  7. So beautiful! Fantastic shots.

  8. You did find some nice color, we were too early up in Plumas to see more than a hint of fall.

  9. Those are all gorgeous especially when the sunlight is shining upon them. It's just now starting to get a bit more colorful around here. I'll have to go out and shoot some leaves this weekend.

  10. Wow gorgeous! I wish we had the autumn season here. I miss seeing the wonderful colors of fall!

  11. autumn is a season i have yet to appreciate.
    the shots are beautiful. ^0^

  12. Beautiful shots...Autumn is so lovely season!


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