Adios Tortuguero

Ah, how can time go so fast when you're having fun? How is it that it's time to leave Tortuguero and Pachira Lodge? While a part of me was sad that I cannot extend the fun I'm having in this lovely locale, I was very excited to have a different experience of Costa Rica. I packed the night before so I was ready for departure. At breakfast we said goodbye to people we met a couple of days ago and felt like we've known longer. We exchanged emails and Facebook accounts and after the meal, my husband and I went for a stroll around the perimeter one last time.

IMGP0271 IMGP0295
At the dock, we were sorted into 2 groups. Unfortunately, the friends we got close to (other than the ones in our Friendly Planet group) were on the other boat so more goodbyes and see-you-on-Facebook were exchanged. IMGP0623
The couple from Germany.
The honeymooners from Israel.
The newly-weds from Spain.
Even Ronnie bids us goodbye. Ronnie was our capable and eagle-eyed boat "driver" during our jungle cruise.

The boat ride back to civilization was quiet. Julio was there, but this wasn't a narrated trip unlike the ride to Pachira Lodge a couple of days ago. Just as well, I needed to collect my thoughts, thanked my God for the blessings of this wonderful leg of the vacation. I wanted to enjoy the sky, the water, the birds, nature and take some pictures. Moving conveyance hasn't stopped me from taking pictures before, why it should now?

The long boat ride back was followed by an equally long bus ride to Guapiles, where we had breakfast two days ago. Today we were there for lunch before going to the next destination. The El Ceibo restaurant is the place where travellers get picked up. This was also where we bumped into the "friends" we made one last time.
After this photo was taken, we all went our separate ways. I'm ready for another bite of Costa Rica.


  1. i also get attached to places i visit and people i meet along the way. when my vacation is over, i'd be heard muttering, "i'll miss this place."

  2. Believe it or not, Maria, I am still in contact with friends I met years ago on a trip to Prague by train and another trip (cruise) to the Mediterranean. I love how that happens!

    And I really LOVE the wonderful pictures you take!

  3. All very enjoyable images, Maria, nice people and wonderful landscapes!

  4. Awesome flower shots! I miss Tortuguero.

  5. Goodbyes are my worst moments, i hate them. But your trips are definitely awesome and i feel envious in most of them. Thanks for all the lovely photos and the tour, i now have some "personal" experiences of Costa Rica.

    [Re my post: those plants i posted are not necessarily easy to maintain. All of them have different unique requirements]

  6. Hi There, Thanks so much for taking us on your trip with you. I have enjoyed it so much...

    Isn't it wonderful when one travels, how wonderful it is to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world???? Love it...

    Great pictures.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  7. what's fun about a group trip was meeting new people and bonding together and always sad when it has to end. ^0^
    glad you made new friends and get a feel of Costa rica, plus! sharing your trip with us.
    enjoyed it.
    "wish" I could,,,no, make it, "hope" I could visit the place someday. ^0^

  8. What a gorgeous pictures, Maria!
    I have enjoyed so much your amazing trips and always stunning pictures with great information about places, culture and people.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. That's always the beauty of travel: you end up not just collecting photos & memories but meeting new friends too!


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