Sunday, January 08, 2012

Of Birds and Butterflies

Up the tree branches, the monkeys were not the only ones that were getting a lot of attention from two-legged camera-toting humans. The birds, particularly the toucans, were very much the attraction, especially in the early morning up to after breakfast.

So I beg your indulgence if I allot a whole post for just birds and butterflies.
Can you see me? I camouflage well :)

Take your shot now or I shall fly away!

Sitting in a tree ... K.I.S.S.I.N.G!
I asked why we never sighted the parrots and the macaws, equally colorful birds, in the vicinity. I was told that these birds mostly live in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. We are in the Caribbean side.
This looks like a woodpecker to me. Any one can confirm this?
Surprises definitely come in small packages, a sweet wren is spotted.
This one I totally have not seen before.
Got lucky with capturing the hummingbird as it feeds.

The wrap-around balcony was the spot where I took most of the butterfly images. I loved my "me" time shooting at the butterflies. As I look back, I can't remember why I had a "me" time.





And as a bonus, I found another shot of the land crab. Here it is.
Isn't it cute?


kayni said...

these are great shots. that land crab is really cute.

Andrea said...

lovely shots as usual. They have beautiful birds. I haven't seen a crab like that yet, beautiful colors, but we have the fiddler crabs with one very big claw almost as big as its body.

atticus said...

i love the hummingbird feeding. great shot!

and there's our grumpy blue crab again. :)

Luke Wiley said...

It was a joy seeing all this creatures!

Luna Miranda said...

ayyy, kakainggit naman! i've always wanted to photograph birds and butterflies. these are beautiful---my favorite is the hummingbird. what a gorgeous capture!

P.S. still cant comment on wordpress. i can't figure it out!:(

Toe said...

Amazing to see birds and butterflies in their natural environment. Love the kissing birds.

don said...

A wonderful series showing nature at its best. Fine close ups with excellent detail and color. I enjoyed looking at your work.

Tito Eric said...

The butterflies are gorgeous! Nature-watching can be so healing.

Daphn3 LaurA said...

Happy 2012!

I'm finally able to blog hop again :D

Great shots especially the hummingbird feeding on a flower!

dong ho said...

if you have that much photos of the birds it means that there's too many of them. beautiful time with the wild. undisturbed.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Your pictures are great... Love the birds and the butterflies... That area down there is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

I have several kinds of woodpeckers here --and the one you shared looks like some kind of woodpecker, but I'm not sure.

Eki said...

It must have been a glorious experience to see these colorful and beautiful creatures where they actually live.

Beautiful photos!

arabesque said...

it's always amazing how our cameras can zoom in even on the tiniest bird.
I don't mind bird watching, i had fun reading this post esp. the "Kissing" song. hehe ^0^
your camera does good macro shots.

Pietro said...

I've really enjoyed the whole beautiful sequence of images!

bwzone said...

definitely a photographer's haven ! Nice shots.

Ginnie said...

You have some beautiful butterfly work there, Ms. Maria! You can be very proud of these images!