I Heart Pachira Lodge

I thank my lucky stars that the travel company billeted us at Pachira Lodge. It is the perfect spot for a combination of eco-tourism and R&R.

Pachira Lodge has 88 rooms, there are 4 rooms in each lodge. We were housed in the first lodge, rooms 1-4 for our group. Ours was #2. Rooms 1 and 2 face the entry.

Let me show you our accommodations during our stay in Tortuguero.

The entry to Rooms 1 and 2
The side view. The first 2 windows on the left belong to our room.
Wrapped around balcony. I spent a lot of time from this spot shooting at butterflies.
2011_09_04 394
The traditional Costa Rican rocking chair didn't get much use from us - too many activities to do.
Night shot of our little lodge.
Would you believe that I had almost no picture of the interiors of the lodge?
In between activities, we found time to walk around the perimeter and followed the paved pathways.
There were plenty to discover just following these pathways.

I rediscovered my love of flowers:
This was high up and was shooting at it from the ground. I don't know if this one's an orchid.
Dainty with regal bearing.
A weed with the most charming little white flower.
The heliconias were ubiquitous, so were the ants.
The Dona Aurora (and Dona Luz) were also everywhere.
And so are these member of the ginger family.
Won't be a tropical paradise without hibiscus.
Not sure what these are or they the same "berries" we have here in the states that come every fall.
I feel love everywhere I look :)
The pool area. Behind the chairs is the jungle.
A favorite spot to while away those brief precious moments between activities.
Only in Pachira Lodge did I learn that there are species of land only crabs. Here's one that's annoyed at the attention he's getting. They burrow near the roots of trees. We found them burrowing where the roots are big and are coming up from the ground.
All meals were buffet setting.
The bar is festive at night.
Two thumbs up for Pachira Lodge. I highly recommend it.


  1. Wow, the look from that crab is piercing lol. This looks like a really great place to stay.

  2. wow. now that is one pretty annoyed blue crab. haha! all these pictures say i should be there, too.

    happy new year photo cache. more travels and pictures in 2012!

  3. I've been coming back to and reading your blog posts but was having difficulty posting a comment. I hope this time it works.

    What a colorful lodge it is. I love the flowers.

  4. 1st time i heard about Tortuguero, ang galing. parang Tuguegarao lang at kakagaling ko lang dun. hehe

    i like the place, hidden gem. i hope it's affordable too =)

  5. A very entertaining series of this great looking place to visit. I liked all the pictures....of the flowers my favorite was the hibiscus.

  6. @ KAYNI - I would like to stay here again definitely.

    @ ATTICUS - Thanks. I too hope there are travels for me this year.

    @EKI - This was a packaged tour, but I checked the website and it's pretty affordable staying there. I don't know why you can't leave a comment though.

  7. @ CHYNG - Tortuguero and Tuguegarao magkatunog :)

    @ DON - Thanks Don, for the comments and the visits all last year.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation! What a lovely spot...so clean, tranquil, and green (in more ways than one!) Happy new year and I hope 2012 takes you and your camera to many new places both near and far!

  9. such lush flora! mukhang nakakarelax kahit nakatambay lang sa balcony.

    happy new year!!

  10. Hi dear pc, enjoying your C. Rica tour and informative post as well,
    grabe! the place spells Nature all over, but I like how quiet it feels.
    a good way to relax and have a break.
    glad you caught the sloth, it looks cute! haha.
    can;t wait for more of your stories.

  11. Beautiful photos! It looks like an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

    Happy New Year to you!

  12. Loving your Costa Rica series. You really are a great photographer. Definitely, your lodging is important for a memorable vacation and Pachira Lodge looks fantastic. Love your hibiscus and berries details. Happy New Year Photo Cache!

  13. Hi There, So glad you are coming to my blog. I am enjoying yours ---but am not sure which one you recommend... This one is awesome. I had to look at the bottom to find out where you were. Costa Rica, huh??? How awesome is that!!!! I'd love to go there and stay in that lodge... WOW---Love all of the tropical plants/flowers, etc....

    Thanks again --and please keep coming. I'll return to yours.

  14. Happy New Year, I am envious of your travel again. The environment looks like you are somewhere here in the country. I bet you felt it looks like home here! Most of the plants we have here too, except for that palm with red fruits. The fruits of palms are called nuts, just like our coconuts. Berry includes tomatoes, cherry. That other flower you thought orchid is not an orchid. I hope you don't mind my intrusion, hehe! Are you back to the states? I wonder if you are also planning to to to Machu Picchu!

  15. @ ANDREA- Oh no, I appreciate the help ID'ing, you are the expert in flora and fauna.

  16. I love this nature lodge.. looks like a great place to recharge :)


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