We Interrupt Costa Rica For A Little Sonoma

You must have noted that I have a thing about Sonoma lately. Guilty, I admit it's one of my fave spots for a drive. So when Travelzoo (y'all know what it is, right? If not google it *wink*) offered a wine tasting deal in one of the wine bars in Sonoma at a not-to-be-missed price, we were not going to let that pass us by.


The rolling hills make me feel like I'm on vacation and not just 20 minutes away from home.

2011_10_09 073
Spotted the wine bar quickly.


I like to have something like this in my house :)


The sommelier was very knowledgeable.

2011_10_09 077

I was happy with just tasting a flight of wine, but the basket of bread and plate of wine and charcuterie was a big bonus.
2011_10_09 082

2011_10_09 084

2011_10_09 085

2011_10_09 087

After the tasting and the nibbling, we decided to take three bottles home for gift-giving.

I was a bit buzzed. I took in more than I normally do. I get drunk on one bottle of beer. I was not driving, but I wasn't keen on going home yet so we decided to walk around the plaza and get some coffee.

2011_10_09 108

Walked passed Mission Sonoma, will repeat visit some other time.

2011_10_09 117

The Sonoma Cheese Factory sells a wide variety of cheese and a great place to get coffee. They also have yummy fudge. We went in got some coffee and tasted some cheese.

2011_10_09 122

The Sonoma City Hall front facade.

2011_10_09 118

The back side - facing the cheese store. Dedicated in 1908, Sonoma's City Hall in the center of the Plaza was originally designed with four identical facades so that merchants from any side of the square could say the City Hall faced their businesses. Made of basalt stone from local quarries, the City of Sonoma government offices still remain in this central landmark of the valley.



  1. must have been a pleasant afternoon! :) one of the things i would want to do, wine tasting! btw, happy new year!!! xx

  2. so nice. place looks so clean and so silent. less people less tourists. i like that place.

  3. A fine, interesting series. What a neat idea to make both sides of a building identical to please the merchants.

  4. Such great shots. I'm going to do this one of these days. I will, really! :-)

  5. It is an affluent neighborhood, and i love the first photo best! If i were you i will always be out of the house photographing whatever! I've always had a nagging question in my mind, 'wonder if your husband is not one of us, white American, i mean'.

  6. Wow you're lucky it is just 20 minutes away! Great hobby - wine tasting. :D

  7. haven't been up to sonoma in 12 years...sad, right? you're tempting me!

  8. The first photo has an extradoirnary composition, really lovely, a postcard for the living room.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  9. Fascinating photos! I totally loved the first and third!!

  10. Ah, your captures just turned me into a wine and cheese lover. Perhaps, someday, I'd get to visit Sonoma Valley as well. Beautiful!

  11. Sonoma seems to be a pretty neighborhood.
    Recently been exploring wines also,
    but not much choice here and
    for a rookie, I can't distinguish Cabernet to Merlot. ^0^
    maybe something to do with my europe trip last year that made me miss it.

  12. What a gorgeous area... I've always heard about Sonoma and the wineries. I'd love to see it in person someday...

    Love seeing the city hall... I love seeing old buildings.

    Thanks for sharing Sonoma.

  13. All shots are great but the cheese and ham made my mouth water now! I'm going to open a bottle of Alentejo wine, my favourite region in Portugal when it comes to wine. :-)

  14. Sonoma looks a nice place! You are so lucky to live only just 20 minutes away from your home.
    The photo of rolling hills is beautiful!
    It's great tasting a good wine, bread and charcuterie. Sounds you had a pleasure time.

    Thanks for your visiting and comment. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

  15. with all that wine to taste - someone has to be a designated driver :)

  16. I've never heard of Travelzoo, Maria, but will look it up. There's something similar here in the Netherlands but I haven't checked it out yet. I will!


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