What We Saw When We Took the Boat Out To the Canals Part 1

Included in the Pachira Lodge package was a boat ride thru the canals giving us a close up view of the rainforest vegetation and wildlife. On our itinerary this activity was slated on the morning of Day 2. Instead, it got switched with another activity. We went boating in the afternoon instead. I was afraid that the weather would be too hot to cruise, but the conditions were perfect.
Let me tell you this is my fave experience in Costa Rica (even surpassing watching a giant green turtle lay eggs).
3:00 pm was the time the jungle cruise/boat ride began. As usual we were split into Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking/English speaking groups. On our boat we had Julio as our guide. Ronnie was our driver.

We sailed quietly, the hushed surroundings lent itself to a little meditative moment but we weren’t here to float aimlessly. We were here to see and hear and experience jungle. Parts of the jungle/national park can be explored by foot, which we did yesterday. Most of them can only be explored through the canals. There is an impressive canal system both natural and man-made that offers the best experience.
A tree fell into the canal and it stays there. I asked Julio why the tree wasn't removed, it would cause some trouble to boats especially in the dark. I was told that they leave everything in place. They don't mess with nature. People would just have to work around Nature.

Our driver had keen eyes. While the other boat passed us by because there was no activity going on, he spotted some curious lizards on the branches, by the bushes. He’s very good.
My apologies for this blurry image (so difficult to capture him). This is what they call in Costa Rica a JESUS CHRIST lizard. Why? Because this little critter moves so fast that it appears he's walking on water.
Can you see him?

.......to be continued


  1. wow! the lizards are fascinating! Jesus Christ lizard---i thought it's so fast, mapapa "susmaryosep" ka. LOL
    beautiful rain forest. i wonder if they have illegal logging.:p

  2. I like the bright green one. Nice!

  3. A lot of lizards in one cruise, that's a lot! And they are big, and you are good getting vivid shots. I would like to pursue what Luna said about illegal logging. If they don't mess with nature, then it follows there are no illegals. Buti pa sila! Are there no crocodiles in those rivers?

  4. yes, i remember seeing a documentary about the Jesus Christ lizard. fascinating.

  5. A fine series that conveys the quiet mood of the afternoon cruise. I think an animal residing in a branch overhead might prove more than interesting! :-) Perhaps that didn't happen to you. Very interesting series so far...waiting for more.

  6. Wow---you are so lucky to have been there. To see the Jesus Christ lizard was awesome...

    I love the idea that they don't mess with nature. We certainly do --here in this country....

    Thank You so much for taking us on your boat ride... I loved it ---and love all of your Costa Rica experience...

    Thanks so much.

  7. Wonderful serene views!
    Nice the lizards too :-)

  8. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing the Jesus Christ bit and how that name came about!

  9. You did good following the way of your intuition, you were in the heart of Nature.



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  10. of lizards and reptiles...
    those are nice images p.c. ^0^
    and to have seen them so close.
    that must've been an unforgettable experience.

  11. ganda!

    guwapo ba sina julio at ronnie? pahingi ng email address nila. para may dahilan akong pumunta ng costa rica.

    sorry, naglulumandi lang po. :)

  12. I would love this canal tour.. more so if there is fishing :)

  13. Fabulous, Maria. This is fun! :)

  14. What a unique experience.. Would love to try this canal tour too. It's really nice to see animals in the wild. Nice set of lizard images. :)


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