What We Saw When We Took the Boat Out To the Canals Part 2

Have you been to the Disneyland ride to the jungle? This is a thousand times cooler and better. But having ridden both rides, I must say Disney had it right on target, but nothing beats the real thing.





We continued floating by the canals, went into a smaller canal, which if my memory is correct is one of the man-made ones. These jungles are home to three different monkeys – howler, spider, and white faced. We saw all while staying in Pachira.

What a thrill! I cannot explain the pulchritude of the place or how affected I was of its serenity, beauty, power, and strength. If allowed I would not mind taking this boat trip every single day. So many things to see and hear and experience. Jaguars are said to live here, we didn’t see one that day. I wonder if they would come closer to the water. My guess is that they would stay deep in the forest.

Birdwatching is excellent, although there weren’t many birds. We saw enough to satisfy us.
A nocturnal bird that was hiding in the thicket.

Preoccupied with shooting the caiman.
Looks like somebody spotted some monkeys.
Friendly competition on who saw it first.
As we were nearing dock, I looked back at the canal and this is what I saw.

This is my entry for this week's WATERY WEDNESDAY.


  1. Terrific shots...you transported me to an exotic river! I can't believe those reflections in the water...perfect!

  2. Just like being in the wild, Maria! I can understand why you loved this. Beautiful reflections in more ways than one! :)

  3. That is really an amazing trip, i am so envious again! You are a very good photographer for getting those lovely shots when the boat is moving. Every shot is beautiful. In places like that sometimes, i don't take pictures so my eyes will always be in full connection to the whole view. I can fully relate with you when you said you would love to do it everyday. I wish i can be with you too! Is that caiman a crocodile, i don't know what a caiman is, OMG!

  4. These are wonderful pictures, especially the last one. I think I would really enjoy this cruise at least as much as the Disney World cruise.

  5. This is my kind of a boat ride! Why are the passengers not required to wear their lifejackets?

  6. nothing but still waters and cool, cool reflection.
    that big mouth almost scared me! haha!
    that thrill made you felt like you were really in a jungle. ^0^

  7. Oh My Heart!!! That is magical. I'd love to be there and take that boat ride. Your reflections are awesome in the first set... Wow--what an awesome place. Thanks so much for taking me with you on that ride. WOW...

  8. shucks, parang disneyland jungle ride nga, kaso the alligator is alive, scary. hehe

  9. Maybe due to I watched too many "anaconda" movies, I feel scary to travel along a quiet river. Not sure whether I will encounter any "special" things or not.. hahaha...

    Btw, your photos on the water reflection, so nice! and so clear!

  10. Incredible photos and what a great experience.

    Love the different geometric shapes of the reflection!

  11. ganda pero i think i wouldn't be able to take photos while riding that boat hahaha takot ako.

  12. Love that photo of many aiming their camera at something! so interesting what water reflections formed.

    Inviting you to join our meme about windows @Vienna and Beyond. See you!

  13. Omg i'm not sure i would be able to relax while sitting in such a small banca (boat). I would always be on the outlook for something to latch out of the water to grab me in. hehe

  14. beautiful rain forest like setting. what a great place to take pics. Am a bit scared of the crocs though.. what if the boat capsizes :)


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