While I Was Sleeping

While I was sleeping on the third and last day in Tortuguero, my husband and a handful of our fellow Pachira Lodge guests woke up early and crossed the canal to the beach, where we were yesterday, to hopefully find baby turtles going to sea. This all came about when one of the guests told us and showed the video he captured of the baby turtle's amazing trip from the nest all the way to the sea. Hubby was kind enough to share his photos.

Here are what I missed while I decided to sleep in.

2011_09_04 585

2011_09_04 576

2011_09_04 567

2011_09_04 586

2011_09_04 595

2011_09_04 599

You would find that the baby turtle has a lot of hurdles to face before finally
reaching the sea. The hubby was constantly shooing the dog from devouring the poor little turtle.


  1. The turtle haven is so very near the residential areas, so i bet in a little while these turtle population will suffer drastic decrease. How sad!

  2. Oh My goodness... The baby turtle video is awesome... He moved faster than I thought he could... Bless his heart.... There were obstacles in his way for sure!!!!!

    Thanks for a great blog post today... I loved it.

  3. the baby turtle is so cute. it's good your hubby took these photos...it seems that you didn't miss this outing after all.

  4. Wow such perseverance from such a tiny turtle! Bravo lil one, you made it. Thanks for sharing this amazing video. I was cheering along every step of the way hehehe :D

  5. Love the vid! It reminds me of the turtle conservation project I visited in Sri Lanka long time ago. You are right about the challenges these baby turtles face. Not many of those who make it to the sea survive as well. I hope the little one in the vid will.

  6. I had no idea those little turtles could move so fast. He did a good job of documenting while you slept.

  7. YAY for Hubby and his getting up early. That little baby turtle is precious. OMG! He sure covered a lot of territory fast! Mother Nature at her best.

  8. Nice post!
    The baby turtle is incredibly fast!

  9. Lucky you! No turtles when I was there...

  10. I'm surprised you decided to sleep more - must have been tired from the previous day's adventures eh?


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