Monday, March 05, 2012

People Watching

My fascination with street photography is growing especially since some of the blogs that I regularly read are devoted to this kind of subject. I purposely set out to capture some faces in the streets of Monteverde during our stay there.












Andrea said...

It's good for you, i love to do that too. But for a place (you know where), even if you would like to stay in street sides to take photos, you might not be able to concentrate coz you will be scared for your camera, and your bag as well. How sad a society can become!

Jenn said...

Great people shots!

kayni said...

i love the kid's photo. she seem to be enjoying her candy.

dong ho said...

nice. i too am fascinated with street photography and t's not easy on most places as people might not like being photographed. im amazed at how you captured it.

P said...

Great pictures.

Ash said...

Excellent portraits, Maria! I'd love to see more street captures here.

don said...

I like the overall high quality of your street shooting. Excellent variety in viewpoints and positions of the people in your images. A very interesting and successful series.

Pietro said...

Nice series, Maria. I like street photos because they are always various and genuine.
About the actress Capotondi, you can find all about her in this Wikipedia page in English:

EG Wow said...

I admire people who can take interesting portraits. Good work!

Alexander said...

Interesting portraits of the people. Well done!

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JM said...

I really like the portrait of the little girl.

arabesque said...

the subtlety as well as the candid shots, make well for a nice ensemble of street fotography.
cool ones!

Ginnie said...

These are GREAT, Maria! How fun. You've really gotten the hang of it. Good for you.