I Take Pictures

When we travel, we take many many pictures to make us remember our holidays, the places we've seen, the food we'd eaten, and hopefully the images would also remind us of how we felt when we took the photos.

I may have a little edge with any of you in the number of photos I take. My love for clicking is bordering on the pathological. Just ask my husband. He cannot believe the amount of photos I take home with us and upload everytime we come back from a trip. That's why he bought me a terabyte's worth of storage. He's afraid I'm going to fill it soon :) He's kidding of course. But who knows.

When I look at this picture, I remember how I thought these people are so lucky to be living in Paris (I'm guessing they're locals, because they're walking fast past the Eiffel Tower without glancing at it.) with all that the city has to offer. I also remember with this picture how cold it was, because the guy's breath was visible - not captured in the camera though.

If I were a local just like him, I would not rush home to read the manual/booklet of the software I bought. Like him, I'd sit here enjoy the breeze. I envied him.

I cannot help my prying eyes and inquisitive nature. They stood there side by side, not talking, not looking at each other. Close enough, yet distant. Were they together?

This picture keeps reminding me that I have been to Europe, a place under the sun that I've been dreaming of. I had the sense of satisfaction when I took this photo. We were standing in the street corner; I just finished surveying my surroundings - gorgeous architecture flanked both sides of the street, tall enough to keep the sunrays off the road, traffic was flowing freely, people were rushing to catch the bus, and we were thinking what to do next.

The following sequence of photos stresses the whimsical nature of travel.


Photographs really do prolong the memories of vacations. It keeps the emotions fresh.


  1. It will take the fun out of my travels without a camera, preferably a small one I can easily slide in my pocket.

  2. Your incredibly inspiring travel posts and beautifully captured photos scream you are a seasoned traveler. And this blog entry is no exception.

    Like you, I also envy those people who live in Europe (God knows if I can bring my foot and my family there one day) or any where else where life seems magical, where everything looks picturesque, where pleasant memories are always made. :)

  3. What would our traveling life be without re-usable memory cards and digital cameras. If we were still stuck with film, we'd probably limit our collection of photos to that of a shoebox.

  4. When I go on holiday, I cannot "experience" a place, till I photograph it. I can fully understand your habit of taking lots of photos. That's good ( just be sure to delete all the bad/blurry ones)

    Can't wait to see more of your Paris photos, and guess what - I returned from Paris yesterday!

  5. those are beautiful, beautiful words and pictures. keep shooting and keep taking us with you. :)

    kudos to the husband for buying more storage space. :)

  6. You are probably the closest blogger I know doing something as similar as I am with our travels, Maria. I often say that this is for posterity...for Astrid and me to remember what we've experienced. The thing is, there is so much to see. After awhile it all runs together unless you separate it out into posts like this. Good for you and us! :)

  7. vacations are something I really, really look forward to! ^0^
    in fact, can't wait for December already, while at work, i think i'm silently drifting somewhere I've seen and hope to see. ^0^
    i love this collection, just shows how much you've appreciated all your travels.
    aha! the hotel suizo is def. familiar. haha!
    keep those posts and photos coming. ^0^
    and don't worry , like you , my sis and I have tons of hard drive for keeps!

  8. I like your people shots from your travels; it's fun to look over them and read about what you were thinking when you took them. Yes, Europeans are lucky to live in Europe, aren't they! So many great travel ops so close by!

    By the way, Blogger removed my blog 'cause they thought it was sending out spam! LOL! Took me a bit to figure out how to get it back. I guess that happens sometimes Me a spammer? Ha!

  9. Love your photos and your witty comments about them!
    Love the photo with the man on the bench and the big stair.


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