Park in the Hood

There is a little park nearby. I pass by it twice a day, to and from work. It's a place where senior citizens and other health conscious residents go for a walk. Kids feed the ducks in the pond. Mothers go around and around on paths pushing strollers. I even see some do yoga in the grass. On weekends, it's a popular place for gathering, picnicking and bbqing. The dome is the ideal site for wedding photos. I've seen newly-weds posed for wedding photos over the years. Once a year, a cultural festival takes place here.

I don't come often. But I've walked here and biked here and ate festival food and joined people in listening to music during the summer months.

Sometimes, I feel uneasy taking my camera when I go there. I don't see people bring cameras when they're there. But, well, I have a blog and I want to show you the little park in my neighborhood.

2012_01_01 027

2012_01_01 030









All photos were taken on January first of this year. I've noticed that I have been taking photos of ducks and I've shown quite a number of them this year here on this blog. I guess I'm going through phases again.


  1. it's wonderful that you have this beautiful park nearby. i love the light in the second photo. yes, the gazebo is perfect for pre-nup photos.:p

  2. this park looks quiet. i also take photos of ducks :)

  3. How wonderful it is to have a park nearby, safe and relaxing! That is one of the things we are so deprived of. We have a few here, just like the Quezon Memorial Circle but because there are not many parks nearby everyone converge there. Parks with too many people is not my place, so i go there only during garden shows and exhibits.

  4. Beautiful park. The dome looks quite interesting!

  5. It'a a nice walk in the park, so green and relaxing, Maria. Beautiful the images of the ducks.

  6. definitely worth taking pictures of!
    so glad you're blogging. ^0^
    i don't stroll along the park,
    i think i only do that when i'm traveling, but i wish we do have it here, where i don't have to worry about who's at my back lurking or
    eying at my belongings.

  7. HA! Nothing like a good Duck Phase. Maria. :) And what a sweet park to have nearby!


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