Spring Blooms

April showers bring May flowers. I hear that often, never paid attention. Until this year when I became more aware how gorgeous the blooms make my garden look. Never mind that there is no rhyme or reason to its "landscape". A task of fixing the garden, both front and back, is a major undertaking that we simply cannot handle right now. But that is for another post. For today, I simply have to brag how my plants are blooming in the garden. Maybe my constant insistence that I possess brown thumb, or black thumb, isn't all true after all.

The cymbidiums continue to produce flowers. Here in my neck of the woods they begin blooming in January. I will be attempting to separate the plants after the blooms are gone. Wish me luck.

One iris plant in the pot is producing this much. I love the feminine look of the iris.

The Shasta Daisy is very photogenic.

The left side of my driveway looks very festive.

On the right side of the front yard I have geraniums. It took a while for me to develop a taste in them, but I love them now.
With showy colorful blooms like these, whose heart wouldn't melt?

From the catalog we ordered a few bulbs and other plants, including this weigela, which turned out to be productive and what pretty little blooms aren't they?

My kalanchoes are in red and yellow. It makes for a cheerful yard.

I'm starting to develop a section of the garden for succulents and cacti. This is the bloom of one of the succulents.

In addition to the fragrant white jasmine we have in front, we thought about adding the star jasmine in the backyard.
The French broom we picked while hiking in a park last year and put it into soil, and voila it grew and flowering.

And my roses, what can I say about my roses? Tell me.

The peach one (2 plants) produce so much blooms all summer long and into early fall.
The blooms are humongous.



Nonpatented lavender rose.

This is my entry for this week's TODAY'S FLOWERS.


  1. Wow your garden is blooming very well, who cares about colors of thumbs! I have been reading lots of changes in flowering plant abnormalities due to climate change from the temperate country blogs. And i realized we here in the tropics are also experiencing the same. A heavy rain at the middle of dry season in March broke dormancy of amaryllis and other bulbs and have their flowers in April instead of June. Moreover, the citrus which needs about 2 months of dry season to induce flowering, were induced early producing shoots without flowers. That means lack of citrus production in December. Isn't that ominous!...By the way i have a new blog you might want to peep, haha!...www.pureoxygengenerators.blogspot.com....Andrea

  2. Now you know your flowers, good for you! they are so cheerful and brings a smile.

  3. you must be an expert care-taker with the greenest thumb in the garden of eden, maria!

    these are gorgeous blooms!
    the photos are all beautiful!

  4. ang ganda! fiesta ang garden mo sa kulay. beautiful!

  5. i'm green with envy! i wish i have a garden--maybe not as colorful as yours but some soil to plant flowers. right now i have 3 planters--limegrass, spring onions and basil.:p

    the geraniums are beautiful--love the vivid colors. the pastel-colored iris is also very pretty. and your roses--oh, i never had roses, except when somebody gives it to me, then it dies.:(

  6. it's lemongrass, not limegrass. i guess my brains still have the leftovers of the cocktails i had last night. LOL

  7. So pretty!
    Your flowers are such a lovely color!

    Have a great Sunday

  8. Your garden looks like a dream! Love that grandma's underwera coloured iris and from the bottom of my heart I wish you luck with repotting your Cyms. I have over 50 orchids that desperately need attention, most of them I can't even lift! Looks like I'll have to sharpen my axe.

  9. How colorful! This reminds me of "Flores de Mayo" :) I can only envy you since I don't have a garden where I live.

  10. You have a fantastic garden. I love seeing all the beautiful flowers you're growing.

  11. I love flowers, I always get a good shot if flowers is my subject... super like it!

  12. Lovely lovely flowers in full bloom! :) Love it!

  13. Great selection. I liked all of the flowers.

  14. seriously, that is your garden?! ^0^
    oh, how i wish i can plant all that pretty geraniums here.
    but as always, i don't think i have a green thumb, or even a 'space' of my own.
    happy to know everything seems perfect just the way they are.

    ps: is it hard to maintain a variety of diff. blooms? ^0^

  15. I would love to walk in your garden and smell the fragrances of each blooms!

    Lupine Flower
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  16. you have such a wonderful view. *inggit*

  17. Stunning shots! I especially like the orchid mosaic on top.

  18. Man alive! And all from your garden??!!


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