A Walk In The Park

This weekend was absolutely wonderful - weatherwise. On Saturday, we had a little bbq in the backyard with some friends. Today, we thought we'd close out the weekend by taking a short walk in the park.

It was 82F (about 28C) here today and the choice of where to walk was influenced by the weather. We wanted to go where it's cooler to walk, and Berkeley is always at least 5 degrees cooler. So Tilden Park it is.

It must have been years since we last came here for a little walk. We used to be here every week, on this side of the huge park, we've only been once before. We took the trail to the left of this sign. It will loop and we'd end up exiting at this same sign on the right side.

Everything is so green. Was tempted to take this trail up, but we were intent on taking the loop to the lake so we veered right.

This trail is easy, although parts of it are narrow and climbs up a bit.

horse tail_Page000
We saw an abundance of horsetail. I remembered the first time I've seen them while walking along the creek near my old place. I thought they added so much to the landscape.

We photographed everything. This was more of photo walk than an actual exercise session.
The play of light and shadow on leaves was a delight to see and photograph.

These were abundant as well flanking both sides of the trails. I wonder if these belong to a wild berry variety, since they resemble the wild blackberries.

Into the light.

Discovered something new. Quite charming little bloom with little black seeds.

We walked to the soundtrack of birds singing, chirping, but we never saw them except for this one bluejay that stopped us in our paths.

That's when we realized we reached Jewel Lake. No activity on the lake today, must have been the heat keeping the fowls from frolicking in the water.

It is as serene I remembered it to be.

Instead of going right to make the loop, we took a left to walk a little longer. Then saw a path that climbs a hill. We climb up a little bit and took photos of the beautiful wildflowers.

Was able to catch up with this dragon fly.

In a few more moments, we were back to taking the path to our point of origin. This wooden path reminded me of happy times. I couldn't really pinpoint what exactly. My hubby told me I was confusing it with an almost identical wooden path in Alaska.

Instead of going straight to the parking lot, we took a little side detour to check out the animals. Little kids come here to pet and feed the animals.

Mr. Rooster was in foul mood I see.

Brown Sheep.

Black Sheep. Did not see any white ones. There were also goats and cows and turkeys and bunnies.

This is the setting.

And of course there is a red barn to complete it.

It was indeed a lovely late spring day. It felt more like summer.


  1. i feel cooler looking at your photos! gosh, i envy you---a beautiful park and perfect weather! with our 35 degrees C temperature outside, i can't even stay for 10 minutes at the garage without sweating.:( the red flower with black seeds is beautiful...love your shots of the horsetail and flowers. basta, maganda sila lahat!

  2. I love the close up shot of the blue dragon fly. Lovely!

    Oh 28 deg C is quite pleasant weather indeed. Glad you took us on this walk with you. Nice scenery :)

  3. Good for you, getting out-n-about like that on a Sunday. I'd call it a Sunday "joy ride" except for the fact you were walking! I love it.

  4. the last photo is just lovely,
    ah! i wish we have lazy sundays like this. ^0^
    clearly your love for nature speaks well in this post.

  5. What a beautiful park to walk in. Great shots.

  6. Such beautiful light, gorgeous photos!

  7. thanks for taking me along in your walk. galing! it really felt like i was with you in this walk. thanks.

  8. Such a pleasant walk, Maria, wonderful photos!

  9. amazing set of photos you got here in this post, maria! the one with blue dragonfly made me smile; it has been ages since i last saw one (an indicator that i have been so busy and i need to pause for a while? you tell me! hehe)

    i also like how you capture those photos of lush leaves that were sun kissed! inggit ako, hehe!


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