Climb a hill to shoot a sunset

Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline in Point Richmond, CA is one of handful of regional parks nearby that I like to visit when I have a free afternoon on the weekend. The park features picnic areas/facilities, lagoon and the beach area. However, most of the time we spend here is by hiking the nearby grassy hills, which is across from the picnic areas. It's an easy trail that climbs up high enough where you get rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding neighborhood.

We timed our visit and hike close to dusk so that we can shoot the sunset from that high up.

There is a group of hills. It's a popular hiking spot.

While the hubby pushes on, I stopped to catch a breath and take some shots.

Chatting up with a fellow walker. This is a dog friendly park.

A view of the industrial area that's part of city of Richmond. I don't know is what is pictured here is part of Chevron refinery.

It was a little hazy, but you can see clearly the Campanile from up there.

Unobscured view of the Richmond-San Rafael bridge.

The Sutro Tower stands majestic.

That little island in the middle of the bay was advertised to be for sale for 10M. Any takers?

The Golden Gate Bridge is peeking.

Love the hues and the mood of dusk.

Somedays you don't get the perfect sunset shot. But what you get is nothing to sneeze at either, especially if the Golden Gate Bridge poses for you.

Well, I'm outta here. See you next time.


  1. how long is that walk to the ridge? I am sure it is exhilarating to see views on top. I also love that undulating bridge, beautiful.

  2. I figure I wouldn't mind hiking uphill if the weather was pleasant so I don't end up sweating up a storm. But if the view will be that gorgeous from the top, the hike would be worth it! :D

  3. If you don't take advantage of what's in your own backyard, no one else will do it for you! YAY. And thanks for the show. :)

  4. Love these - always fun to see the bay from various points of view. You have some fascinating shots in there.

  5. Beautiful view for a walk. Whoa 10M for an island? Is there anything special about it?

    Visiting via Postcard Perfect.

  6. Beautiful sunset with the Golden Gate Bridge peeking. Hiking and photography are perfect partners.

  7. that view from up there is by far one of the most breathtaking shots i've seen, whew! judging from the looks of it, the hike/walk must've taken hours.
    the g.g. bridge can be easily mistaken for a postcard. ^0^


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