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A week has gone by since I came from a 3-day road trip up north to commune with nature, but I haven't even touched the photos I took. Sure I uploaded them the first hour that we got back home, and was taken aback that the number of photos I took was significantly less than my norm for a 3-day period. And still, I haven't got around to sorting them out.

My focus has been pulled in so many different directions lately, which causes this blog to be neglected.

I usually pull out people watching photos when I'm completely at loss with what to post, but not today. Today, we eat. I'm hungry at this moment and it's lunch time and all I have in my lunch bag is a tupperware full of honey dew that I cut up in cubes.

Let's all get our eyes full with these dishes shall we?

may 24-25 2011 309
This was our lunch at a Lebanese restaurant in Monterey called Paprika. This is a kebab meal. The home-made red sauce/dip is really flavorful and has a kick. I cannot remember the name of the sauce. The food was delish. The restaurant was a little hole in the wall a block from the very busy Cannery Row in Monterey. At that time, the owner - who also was the cook and waiter all in one - told us he wasn't keen on pursuing the business. He gets good business and people were happy with his food, according to Yelp. I was happy with his food. But he commented that his brother's bakery business - they bake bread wholesale - is booming and he wants to be a part of it. That's the good thing about this small mom and pop restaurants, the owners take time to chat with you and make you feel like you're a regular customer, if not family.

may 24-25 2011 282
One of my most enjoyable dining experience happened last year during our anniversary get-away at Jack's
. Our "romantic dinner" started with this appetizer for the hubby. I went to the restaurant's website and checked the menu, but it doesn't appear to be in it anymore. It's like a carpaccio with green salad on top of it. It was yummy.

may 24-25 2011 280
I have to go with the crabcake for my appetizer. The crabcakes are huge and 3 of them, really filling with a good crabmeat to filler ratio. You could definitely taste the meat. The butter lettuce accompanies the dish while the lemon aioli ties the whole dish together. Simply a celebratory dish.

may 24-25 2011 286
For the main course, my hubby chose the rib eye. It is a chophouse (steak house). When we were ordering we ask the very friendly waiter how big the steak was and when he told us how big, my husband requested if they only give him half of the steak. This is that half, still huge, and we had to take it home with us. But the meat was tender and cooked properly. Good thing we chose the right wine to drink with it.

may 24-25 2011 289
I chose tuna. I know that I'm in a steak house, but I never get steak when I go out to eat. First of all, I don't particularly like steaks. Except the ones that my husband cooks for dinner. He knows how to make steaks really well. The portions were generous. The fish was cooked well and tasted wonderfully. This one isn't in the current menu list either.

may 24-25 2011 299
And for dessert, they have a sampler of four different desserts they offer, so it was a no-brainer on our part. Order one dessert, taste four different sweets.

I just finished noshing on my honey dew and they tasted like crabcakes.


  1. I believe that judging from the size of those crab cakes I would already be quite full. LOL I'd go straight for the dessert given my sweet tooth. :D

  2. How many attractive dishes, Maria! I think I couldn't eat all of them for lunch :-)

  3. Last time I had a Lebanese meal was in London. Great shots!

  4. oh my so many food. I'm drooling with the tuna and the ribeye. And of course the desserts.

  5. just mouth watering dishes,
    seriously though, you're tempting me! ^0^


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