Charming Trinidad

Amid the dense redwood groves who would have guessed there lies a charming little fishing village? It was a serendipitous find when we decided to take the backroad in lieu of the freeway. This was after eating our lunch, the one that we bought from Wildberries earlier in the day. We had no particular place in mind to go to, the sky was still gray and gloomy, and the option of going back to the hotel did not come to the table at all.

The backroad was narrow and skirted the coast, although we were high up we could tell. It was a scary drive, although I wasn't behind the wheels. The scenery on the right side (coast) was pure magic, thus necessitated we stop for mandatory picture taking.




This is when we discovered Trinidad. We were perched on a cliff as we pulled over and saw the rocky coast and rocks jutting from the water. And then we spotted what was a silhouette of a pier in the distance. It was then that the decision was made to turn the car around and take a closer look at this mysterious place that was shrouded by fog.





Trinidad is a little community that lies by the water. We passed by nice houses with blooming rhododendrons in the front yard. The weather has not improved, still gloomy and this close to the water the wind had picked up dramatically. We checked out the surroundings, there's not much to see area wise, but sight wise there is plenty to occupy the photographer. I was happy.

The pier was closed and under construction, but there was plenty else to see. The rocky coastline was my lens target. The boats on the water begged to be photographed too. In addition, a bonus in the form of a lighthouse captured our interest. I can imagine how this place would look like under sunny blue skies.









We were planning on staying longer, but the drizzle came down and that coupled with strong wind was enough to drive us away. So on to the next stop. be continued.....


  1. Any campground or motel near this place?

  2. You sure found yourself a winner, Maria. Astrid and I always travel the backroads of Holland if time is not an issue. The things we find! I love it that you and hubbie do the same.

  3. This place is lovely. A great place to spend a weekend.

  4. That is certainly a lovely find, and it looks so serene and peaceful although the rocks seem scary. It surely is a photographers delight, and your pleasure is seen in your lovely photos. What suddenly comes to mind is a place in Batanes named Diura.

  5. looks like a perfect getaway. lovely captures.

  6. Fantastic pictures! What a wonderful place!

  7. too bad about the weather,
    the shots are stunning though.


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