Hanging Out and Sightseeing on a Cloudy Day

Before we proceeded to sightsee along the Highway 101, aka Redwoods Highway in this region, we decided to grab some lunch first, even though it was still early and not one was hungry. We thought that it's best to get some sandwich or anything that we can take on our sightseeing as we're not sure where we'll end up when hunger finds us.

2012_05_24 170
We found this medium-sized grocery store online while researching for places to go for this trip. Good thing we remembered to go there after hiking the Manila dunes. It carries a great selection of general grocery items and their deli is stocked with delicious prepared food from your typical potato salad to samosas and other more exotic offerings. Aisle after aisle of interesting items to look at and maybe purchase.

Instead of a sandwich as we originally intended, the cheese bread was too yummy looking to ignore.

2012_05_24 167
On the counter I noticed that tacked on the board were paper money from different countries. I even joked that they take all kinds of money, but they don't take American Express....they don't.

Onto the Redwoods Highway we went. No actual itinerary for this part of the day, except that all of us were keen on seeing as much as this region has to offer. Along Highway 101 are many parks, shorelines, forests. I couldn't count how many signs of parks we passed by. We drove up until we reached the entry to Fern Canyon. It started to rain. Our little Prius I thought couldn't handle the climb on dirt road. I know that Fern Canyon ends by the water, but we didn't attempt to go. We all agreed that should we return, we'd be driving an SUV, more power.









2012_05_24 186

We stopped along the coast on a parking lot of a park to eat our packaged lunch.
2012_05_24 roadtrip humboldt 210






..........to be continued........


  1. I do not understand why all pictures of a foreign land seems to be so clean to me. They (especially USA) have clean roads, nice views, and very inviting tourist spots, while ours back here in the Philippines seems to too icky. Too full of signs anywhere, and what i hate seeing most is this: Bawal ang umihi dito. Ugh!

  2. I was about to type when i saw the comment above and I am tempted to write my own thoughts, in addition to hers. How lovely it is to be outside when the temps are a bit colder. But i realized that green landscapes of colder climes have more boring/monotonous canopies, as ours are more diverse in forms. Yun nga lang pag tiningnan din parang magulo. Let's just say that is biodiversity, organized chaos. But i agree with you they are really clean, because they are.

    When i had the chance of staying in Australia for 3 months decades ago, i was so awed by their cleanliness and no litter policy. And when I came back "nakakagulat ang kalat natin" parang kakaiba talaga. That was decades ago, mas matindi tayo ngayon kasi mas dumami ang tao. But we can help when we do the right thing ourselves. At least just the street people throw on the streets.

  3. Here in Panglao Island, I enjoy the beauty of the Philippines on my motor bike as I had once seen them only on my grade school books with illustrations of the country side. Clean, simple living -- clean roads, though a bit narrow for my taste. And almost two-thirds of my Boholano friends were originally from neighboring Visayan islands, as well as from Luzon. My adoptive family here were originally from Davao.

    I love your photo essay -- a cool personal travelogue. Perhaps, someday, the Philippines will enjoy similar well-funded infrastructure.

  4. My default card is Amex Premier Rewards Gold - for its valuable points - but I often find Amex cards not accepted in really small towns with small businesses. Arrrgh!

  5. Thanks for taking us along on your interesting trip thus far. Excellent and wide range of pictures to document your moves. Very well done.

  6. I just love those trees below the bridge shot.

  7. you bring me to such beautiful places. haaay. nakaka-in love ang scenery.

  8. I actually like the days that are overcast like this, Maria, because they have a special mood to me. I like the sun but can't take too much of it, especially when it's hot. So I'm loving these shots!


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