And The Tour Continues....

The itinerary stated that we would "drive by" the Secretariat Buildings, which is the center of Government activity and and Rashtrapati Bhawan which is the Presidential Palace. Both are in the same location. However, despite the heat, we were coaxed into stepping out and taking a closer look.

taj mahal 562
Hazy. Pollution you can see, thankfully cannot smell.

taj mahal 545
How could a hazy day be so hot?

taj mahal 530
Secretariat Buildings

taj mahal 520

taj mahal 531
More gov't buildings.

07242012 174
The Presidential Palace was getting spiffed up because the next day the new President was getting inaugurated.

taj mahal 541
Elephants atop posts of the palace fence.

taj mahal 549
Fancy iron works, presidential palace gate.

taj mahal 529
taj mahal 564
Urban greenery.

taj mahal 565
Park like scene.

The rest of the tour was conducted inside the car as we refused to go down anymore. You haven't experienced hot and humid unless you've been to Delhi *wink*

We drove by the Bahai Temple - a lotus-shaped structure that is open to all religion.

07242012 188

07242012 192

lumix memory card 1 india 104
Airforce HQ

taj mahal 403
More domes

lumix memory card 1 india 060
Another temple, unfortunately couldn't wait for these two guys to finish doing their business before I shoot since I'm drive by shooting.

taj mahal 642
Huge statue in front of a Hindu temple.

taj mahal 447
Humayun's Tomb

lumix memory card 1 india 098
At the end of the tour we were taken to Kashmir Haat where we learned how they craft carpet, how time consuming and labor intensive each carpet is. No wonder they are priced that way. We sat there knowing that the selling spiel would come soon and of course it did. We were coerced (hehehe) to buy a little something afterwards, they do have other items for sale other than the carpets. Although if money were no object, a handful of the carpets have caught my eye.

This post is also my entry for this week's SKY WATCH. The hazy New Delhi skies I captured in late July 2012 would qualify for Skywatch.

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  1. What an amazing journey you had! So many beautiful sights.

  2. What is the temperature when you were there? You mean that haze is from pollution, OMG so it is better still in Manila! But despite the aversion to hot and humid conditions you were still able to get those marvelous details, i really envy your shots even when they are handheld.

  3. That the beauty of a private tour, you can choose to just drive by or alight for a closer look.

    Hmmm are those 2 guys urinating? I'm not sure I want to know the answer to that. LOL

  4. i love your drive by shots,
    and I can imagine how hot Delhi must;ve been, you mentioned it quite a few times already. hehe. ^0^
    the city is really stunning.

  5. Great shots on the move! Is your camera equiped with a polarizing filter?

  6. I think it's the pollution that makes it hazy? just like how it is most of the time here in SoCal. :(

  7. Your shots are amazing! It's great to see familiar places through someone else's eyes.

  8. great post and adventure filled tour, it is an amazing part of the world

  9. Looks like a great trip. I enjoyed all the sites you showed us. Magnificent architecture.

  10. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. What an incredible trip you have had!! So much beauty -- and heat!! The heat part I could do without, but would love to visit there! Wonderful, fascinating captures, magnificent architecture indeed! Thanks for sharing these with us today!!

  12. Wonderful images, I think that the heat would spoil the trip for me.

  13. Enjoyed all these photos of your tour! Especially love the ironwork beauty in the palace gates! And the temple photo with the guys doing their business is hilarious!

  14. Gorgeously captured!

    My Skywatch
    Have a great weekend.

  15. I very much enjoyed your tour of New Delhi. The haze reminds me of the haze in Beijing.

  16. Wow! you have captured quiet a good images.

  17. love the new look of this blog. what impressive buildings! and your photos are absolutely great. the iron gate is beautiful. Manila is much more humid, i think, and equally hazy, too.:p

  18. Those government buildings are huge. And I had a good laugh when I see those two peeing hahaha. I would definitely love to have one of those carpet. Is it expensive?


  19. Wonderful post! Thanks for taking us along.

  20. Great series of beautiful photos!
    What an amazing tour.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  21. Maria, this post made me want to book a flight to India just right now! hahaha! I wish! I could only wish for now. *sigh*

    Wonderful captures of those domes!
    Lovely. Just lovely1

  22. When I visited New Delhi in springtime (March), the city was also blanketed in haze - this must be something going on year-round perhaps.

  23. Interesting buildings. The elephant structures are lovely.


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