Capitola on Labor Day

"Let's go to Capitola and take pictures." That was the constant refrain I heard from the husband since the beginning of spring. We never got around to going especially since we were planning on going away for the summer. Upon our return from Asia, he brought up the topic again. Honestly, I thought he'd forgotten about it, but I don't mind going to Capitola for a day trip. It is after all only a 2-hour drive from where we live. The Labor Day weekend was the perfect time for that day trip.


2012_09_03 capitola 067
When we got there, the town was celebrating a Begonia Festival.

The beach, the pier and the cliffs.

There were a lot of birds. Feeding time perhaps?

Colorful condos by the beach. They're rentals.

Beach shots:





Under the pier

On the pier we watched people feed the pelican who is a diva.

Diva I tell you. Wouldn't budge even if you take photos with her. I think it's a she. At least she should be.

As we walked back to the car, we saw how crowded the beach had gotten.


We also found begonias made into boats in the river under the trestle.



Close up of wilted begonias.

Here we were daytrippers.

This is my entry for this week's SKYWATCH.

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  1. A very interesting series. That was an enormous crowd at the beach. My favorite shot (I think) was the pilings under the pier with the pelican shots a very close second.

  2. I love Capitola! Used to go there a lot more when we lived in the South Bay and Peninsula.

    Speaking of beaches...thanks for the 411 on the sand castle event in october. Not sure if we'll make it, but if you see me there, be sure and say Hi!

  3. Sure looks like a great time!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. What a great event and what fun! Wonderful skies and so much color everywhere! You can almost feel the excitement! Such terrific captures! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the fun!!

  5. For someone that shoots on a whim you have great photos.

  6. Wonderful pics, indeed! The beach is so crowded much like those in New York. However, here in Bohol, we have white sand beaches that are not crowded.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. That is great!! I love the pelican!! Why fish when someone will feed you? And the begonias on the boats!! Just incredible, the amount of work people have done!

  8. What a beautiful place and photos - well worth a 2-hour drive.

  9. So many people and birds, quite amazing scenes.

  10. Fantastic sequence. Looks like a fun time.

  11. WHat a fun series of shots!

  12. Yikes that is one crowded beach! Not my idea of 'fun'.

    That is a great close up shot of a pelican. I think I've only seen them in bird parks or at the zoo.

  13. The floats on parade reminded of Panagbenga fest in Baguio. I can't help but imagined that the couple kissing in public could have landed in regulatory troubles if that happened in this part of the planet. ;)

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  15. Such a wonderful festival!

    Come and see my Sky Shots when you get a chance. Your comment will sure add a delight.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. wow, this is one crowded beach! this crowd reminds me of Boracay in the summer. i'd love to live by the cliffs. love the photos!

  17. What a fun festival. The begonias are beautiful and I love the beach scenes. And the birds are awesome. Great shots. Thanks for sharing, Happy skywatching!

  18. looks like a stress-free place!
    perfect venue to watch people...and the sky of course! :)

  19. Maybe a bit crowded but clearly fun...and FINALLY, I bet the hubby said! :)

  20. i;ve never seen Capitola so festive and colorful, but then, i've never been to this side of town yet. ^0^
    nice set of fotos.
    the piece de resistance would be the pelican, that was definitely a stunning shot.

  21. Great series! Shot #4 is amazing. Look at all those birds! WOW.


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