Delhi Through the Lens

There is so many things to see during my stay in New Delhi. Some of them familiar to my sight and others truly new. I would like to borrow fellow blogger GINNIE'S words to describe the experience .... short of eyes. Actually that would be ASTRID's words. In Delhi, I was short of eyes.

Look what my lens captured during my whirlwind tour of New Delhi:

These ambulant water trolleys and snack carts were every where.

The kids took advantage of the fountain water to cool down.

I photograph many people on the street.

taj mahal 363

taj mahal 364

taj mahal 599

taj mahal 483

taj mahal 470

And then while stuck in traffic I caught sight of this heart-wrenching scene.

taj mahal 385
He was under the scorching sun and beneath him is equally hot pavement.

taj mahal 387
He poured water on him to see if he's conscious. The traffic started to move, I did not see what happened next.

taj mahal 500
New Delhi to my surprise is very green; it has many open spaces for greenery/park where people can enjoy.

taj mahal 408

taj mahal 647
On the 7th day of our tour where we were back to Delhi after touring the rest of Agra and Jaipur, we saw how the roads are really like without the work day traffic. It's so green and so beautiful and the streets are wide.

taj mahal 635
I'm also impressed by these art installations which I believe is made to mimic dew.


  1. Are those overhead electrical wires in the 4th pic from the top?

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  3. What turned me crazy was the chaos of electric connections.



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  4. I like the uniform of their street sweeper, very colorful. And I'm amuse at the one picking her nose (you have a sharp eye, Photo Cache)

  5. Great photos! The overflowing food carts and octopus electrical connections somehow remind me of the Philippines.

    It's interesting to see a lady sweeping the grounds in such a nice and colorful dress.

    Hope that man lying on the pavement is alright.

  6. I love looking at all these photos. It makes the sight of New Delhi natural and real.

  7. raw photos of real life! ^0^
    what is it with people and picking their nose in public? tsk, tsk. ^0^
    haha! cute 1st foto, very creative.

  8. ps: that could easily be called "ice tubig" here. ^-^

  9. My ex-hubby was in India many, many years ago and saw the splendor as well as the squalor. It's especially hard to see it side by side. I can just imagine how "short of eyes" you must have been this entire trip. And your images really do speak more than a thousand words!

  10. With the exception of photos 6 & 7, all the photos here are drive by shots. I only saw the photos of people picking their noses after I have uploaded the images. It was all accidental.

  11. I can see why you were "short of eyes". So much to see everywhere you turn! I especially love the images of the people of Delhi.

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