Enroute To Agra

Day 3 started early. It was going to be travel day. Our itinerary for today - half day travel from New Delhi to Agra, 205 kms/4.5 hours drive, and the afternoon reserved for two historic site visits.

By leaving during the morning rush hour, we hit every traffic jam we could find. I didn't mind. I enjoyed shooting from a moving car.

Let me show you a sampling of the photos I took throughout the 4.5-hour drive.

taj mahal 649
Blue dome.

taj mahal 651
Noteworthy are the stars of David in the facade, giving the impression that the Jews and the Muslims were friendly in the past. This is a Muslim structure.

taj mahal 657
Intriguing sign.

When we got to the National Highway, which is a 2-lane narrow road, I found many things along the road that interested me to the max.

taj mahal 661
Boy pushing a bike.

taj mahal 687
Roadside snack stop.

taj mahal 674
Found many of these vendors selling only one kind of fruit or vegetable. I wonder if they even earn enough to feed their family.

taj mahal 693
Expected sighting.

taj mahal 667
Mafia banks here?

taj mahal 697
Hang on tight.

taj mahal 714

finepix-India 020
Less than sanitary conditions.

taj mahal 711
Replica of Taj Mahal - restaurant being built 52 kms from Agra.

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  1. I expect seeing these things, a bit depressing but some of them can be seen too in some parts of your former country! The better thing is that at least the old people are not allowed to sit in vulnerable areas like at the back of a jeep, at least a younger person will definitely give them seats inside. And that is respect for elders. I am expecting cows, monkeys, rats in abundance!

  2. The one thing I notice most about 3rd world countries is how colorful their attires are. Those saris are quite vibrant and in sharp contrast to the harsh conditions of their dwellings.

    I love this India photo series, it brings back fond memories of my childhood. :)

  3. Those dome structures are lovely.I like their colorful clothing. It's always nice to see the beautiful side of a place but I guess in reality not everything is pleasant.

  4. Fantastic shots from your trip. I like the mix of sights you saw and showed us here.

  5. Very nice display of architecture, culture, streets and of course the syndicate bank :D


  6. Wonderful and interesting pictures!

  7. What a great look into another culture!
    Thanks for sharing the sights.

  8. Fantastic post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. What an adventure ! Thank you for this much enjoyed journey.

    Please have a good Friday.

    daily athens photo

  10. Beautiful shots! Some scene looks familiar to me as you can see it in the Philippines too.


  11. Wow, what a cool trip. Thanks for taking me along. Happy Skywatching!

  12. Wow what a wonderful trip you are on! And oh my gosh how could you ever get bored with all that to see out of the car window. Beautiful drive-by shots -- and a great series; thanks for sharing the drive.

  13. Nice shots.
    Syndicate Bank is not mafia banks. That is a government authorized nationalized bank like Citi, Stanchart.

  14. i enjoyed the photos and captions--especially the mafia banks.:p the overflowing mini-bus is reminiscent of our jeeps and buses in the provinces. i've always wanted to try riding on top of a jeepney! hahaha

    the domes are beautiful--i like the weathered look of these temples.

  15. some scenarios are like deja-vu in this side of town. ^0^
    nice fotos,
    can't wait for the next fotos.
    the "colorful" shot simply spells India all over.

  16. I clearly remember that road to Agra. Great shots! I especially like #9.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Hope you'd come and see my sky shots also. Your comment will be greatly appreciated.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. I really enjoyed the cyber tour. I don't think I will ever be able to visit this area although I would like too. I am getting older and it is harder for me to travel.
    Joyce M

  19. I can't wait to see your photos of Taj Mahal.

  20. I love seeing all this through your eyes, Maria. You really tell a good story through your images!


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