Amber Fort - A Pictorial Tour

We're going to the Fort first before the Pink Palace. That was what Ashok told me when I noticed that he was driving us in the opposite direction of the Pink Palace. I vaguely recalled that I have read about it the night before as I was browsing thru the itinerary packet the tour company gave us upon arrival. I must confess not knowing about the fort I wasn't totally excited nor pleased with the prospect. I'd rather skip everything else in the itinerary today and devote all the time to touring the Pink Palace. I'm glad I didn't get my wish, because Amber Fort turned out to be one eye-opening delight and a goldmine for a photography enthusiasts and architecture fan.

This will not be an educational post. I'm not going to copy and paste any information that the internet will have on Amber Fort and make you believe they were my own, because while our assigned guide for the day was very knowledgeable and informative, the day turned out to be very harsh, weather wise. It was terribly hot and humid, our guide was literally leaking. His sweat was just rushing down from his forehead to the ground, I have never seen one sweat that much. I was not too far behind in the sweating department. Whatever he was telling us about the fort and the many different structures inside, the palaces, the apartments, the baths, etc, they stayed with me for a few minutes and poof they evaporated before I can take shelter.

Amber Fort is located about 11 km from Jaipur in the city of Amber, which I read is pronounced Amer. There are many information about Amber Fort in the net, but I thought this one is the short and sweet version for a little backgrounder.

Let's begin the tour.

Driving into Amber Fort you notice the Maota Lake in its foreground.

lumix memory card 1 india 378

lumix memory card 1 india 377
Roadside view of the fort on the hill.

pentax jaipur 372
From the main road one gets off here. No vehicles are allowed this way.

pentax jaipur 380
We were assigned this elephant and his driver. The elephant's name is Lucky. Here the elephant is getting ready to get us onboard.

pentax jaipur 377
From the platform, the view of the fortress' wall.

lumix memory card 1 india 281
We ride the elephant to get to the fort - it's the tourist trap :). I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!

lumix memory card 1 india 285
I personally found the experience a bit tense at first, but I managed to enjoy the rest of the ride.

lumix memory card 1 india 280
I even settled enough to take photos of what we passed by on our ascent.

Entering the gate into a large square.
pentax jaipur 411
The elephant goes around as the platform where the tourist begins the tour is across the gate. Note there is a fence that surrounds fort and goes around the mountains, the guide joked it's the Great Wall of India.

finepix india 2 020
The large square; the elephants enter thru the gate on the right. be continued....

This is my entry for this week's OUR WORLD TUESDAY.


  1. What a fantastic trip! Your captures are terrific!! So much beauty! Thanks for sharing it all with us! Have a great week!

  2. its a majestic fort and your photos are beautiful. love the second one with beautiful reflection for foreground and the sky as background

  3. What a wonderful adventure! Your photos are beautiful and I'm sure will be enjoyed for a lifetime as you reminisce about this trip.

  4. Wow, what an amazing fort! Just the fortress wall looks like something out of a movie. The elephant ride must have been fun too. Awesome photos, thanks for sharing your trip!

  5. What fascinating pictures. I wonder what it would be like to ride on an elephant. The structure is amazing. Your first picture is so pretty it could be a post card. All of your shots are filled with color and beauty. genie

  6. Thanks for this fascinating tour. The architecture is impressive and I love seeing the elephants and other sites.

  7. I literally laughed out loud when you said your guide was literally leaking. I'm glad you were able to suffer through the heat to see such an amazing place. And to ride an elephant, too! Only in my dreams.

  8. That is again a magnificent structure and you captured them very well, thanks for the tour of the 'great wall of India', as i might not be able to go there. I remember Charlotte of the Galloping Gardener has a hospital in Jaipur. What about the temperatures?

  9. That is again a magnificent structure and you captured them very well, thanks for the tour of the 'great wall of India', as i might not be able to go there. I remember Charlotte of the Galloping Gardener has a hospital in Jaipur. What about the temperatures?

  10. How does riding an elephant feel? I've ridden a camel and it isn't comfortable at all! :D

  11. they really have a wonderful structure and design is so far out.

  12. What an amazing structure. I love the approach as you see it looming up ahead and to enter through the gates on the bak of an elephant is just a breathtaking way to see it.

  13. Wow - fabulous shots of this amazing place!

  14. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, I enjoyed sharing your world and beautiful photos here with you today. I would love to visit this amazing looking place.

  15. wow! love the view from up there.
    i would've imagined the elephant ride a bit scary! ^0^
    how much for a ride btw?

  16. It's a grand place! I like how the elephants are dressed. Very colorful.

  17. You'll NEVER EVER forget these experiences, Maria. Oh my!

  18. wonderful pics... luv to visit historic India one day.

  19. besides the heat & humidity, the stench of elephant poop must have been everywhere as well!


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