Drive To Jaipur

The first part of Day 4 was chock full of sightseeing with sunrise tour of Taj Mahal and later in the morning a visit to another architectural marvel, Fatehpur Sikri.

But the rest of the day was for travel, a long drive to Jaipur, 240 km and 5 hours. Even though it was only half way thru the day, I felt like we had a full day of touring. I was ready to sit and be driven. I like long drives - they're therapeutic.

As soon as we got into the highway, I spotted a monkey on the side of the road. I let out a squeal which I think scared Ashok a bit. I told him about the monkey and if he could stop so I can photograph it. He said there's plenty along the road and in Jaipur, they're everywhere.

finepix-India 739
First monkey I saw.

finepix-India 743
More monkeys.

finepix-India 741
We had to stop and let water buffaloes cross the highway!

We passed by many roadside marketplace.

pentax jaipur 253

pentax jaipur 254

pentax jaipur 258
Camels were everywhere too.

pentax jaipur 252
We were following this bus that's overflowing with passengers; soon after a heavy downpour - monsoon rains came down and I don't know how these guys stayed atop the bus.

The countryside was dotted with many Hindu temples, some are more ornate than others. We stopped at one. I thought it was really nice looking (plus I needed a pit stop, I was sure they have bathroom at a temple right?).

finepix-India 768

pentax jaipur 275

pentax jaipur 271

pentax jaipur 286
We're almost entering Jaipur he said.

pentax jaipur 296

pentax jaipur 298

Ashok took us to the hotel and asked if we'd like to use the car that evening. But we we were tired and wanted to rest. Our hotel was very nice, it felt more like we're guests in someone's house - walls have paintings of old Jaipur royalty, wooden floors, wooden beds. The facade got a facelift, I was told, but the interiors has that old homey feel to it. The fact that the elevators were down when we were there and had to go 6 flights of stairs (we were on the third floor) to get to our rooms added to the homey feel of the hotel.

finepix-India 780
Hotel facade.

We had a good sleep, aided by both AC and electric fan. I woke up early to catch a glimpse of sunrise, but I failed. I don't know my location and which direction I would be facing. But across the hotel, I saw monkeys on the roof of what is a structure next to a small Hindu temple/prayer room.

pentax jaipur 348

PicMonkey Collage

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  1. You have to be careful with those monkeys, some of them are pretty wild and can attack especially if they see you holding food.
    It is best to just picture them from afar.

  2. Thanks for taking us on the long drive to Jaipur. I thought only cows roam freely in India, pati pala carabao. Was it just an anomaly?

  3. Thanks for the looks like the monkeys are trying to take over!

  4. I'd like to think long drives in India is almost like doing a mini-safari with all those animals one see.

  5. I have not been to very big Indian cities but only Ooty, a resort area on top of a mountain like our Baguio City. But on the way up we see monkeys on the road too, and market or foods on wheels. Did you notice the honking vehicles everywhere, it seems that upon sitting and holding the steering wheel, a driver's first job is to blow the horns, and everybody does that! It is really noisy! But I love that very colorful temple!

  6. Those baby monkeys are adorable! So cute. You have seen places I don't ever expect to see with my own eyes, Maria, so thank you for allowing me to see them through YOURS!

  7. Cute cute Monkeys. Love the photos.

  8. Such a wonderful tour you've taken us on and I love you photos! The monkeys are so cute, the pink temple is gorgeous and the market places look delightful! Great captures!!

  9. You certainly got to see the monkeys! Enjoyed all those photos of the journey.

  10. Wow, awesome photos from your trip. being an animal lover the monkeys and those water buffalo are cool Thanks for the tour and sharing your trip. Have a great week!

  11. What a tour ~ love the monkey photos the best ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  12. Are you here in India now?
    Terrific captures. I like the hotel facade.

  13. What a fantastic trip. You took some great shots.

    To answer about the cats that come to my yard, I keep them out of the back for the most part which leaves the baths on my decks fairly safe for the birds. The cats could climb my fence but for the most part if I keep the gate shut they leave the backyard and deck alone.

  14. Beautiful photos. Nostalgic for me.

  15. Amazing photos of your travel/vacation! I am simply amazed by the colors of the temple/mosque.

    P.S. We had Pixie for at least two years now, also abandoned, and was a gift to us by our neighbors. Surprisingly she and Twylah do not get along. Twylah is more the gentle one.

  16. Envious right now. I have been planning a trip to India but somehow things and other plans get in the way. Love the road trip and all the monkey captures. That top-loaded bus reminds of Philippines, although we mostly only ride the top of jeeps. :)

  17. Wonderful pics! Happy RT2.

    Mine's here.

  18. truth to be told,
    i'm scared of monkeys! ^0^
    and to think year of the monkey pa man din. ^0^
    but I love those stolen shots!

    btw, have you watched the movie the best exotic marigold hotel?
    i'm sure you can relate with this one, the setting's in Jaipur also.

    the roadside markets reminds me of our lil palengke. ^0^
    the colors are just vibrant.

  19. A fine series of this interesting place. I liked the blogger's advice about staying far from the monkeys.

  20. A fine series of this interesting area. I liked the blogger's advice about staying far from the monkeys.

  21. I honestly don't remember seeing that colourful Hindu temple on the way to Jaipur and it's lovely!

  22. It's interesting to see all the different animals just roaming around. I, too, heard that the monkeys can be quite wild and dangerous.

    I love that colorful temple. Never seen anything like it.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  23. Topload passengers are almost typical of Asian countries and I am wondering how they could just be so relaxed up there. Wonderful photos.


  24. What a tour! So exotic to these North American eyes.

  25. Wow there really were monkeys everywhere. What an amazing tour this has been. Thanks for sharing it.

  26. What a wonderful tour - it must have been a dream come true to take that trip. I've never seen a temple so ornate and colorful! Can't imagine riding on top of a bus roof, let alone in a downpour!

  27. these are fabulous! the colorful temple is beautiful! i'm like you, i took pictures of everything and anything---it drives my travel companions crazy!*lol*

    i've always wanted to try to ride on top of a bus or jeepney. i'm sure the view from the top is much better than from the window.:p

  28. Amazing, colourful scenes! Love the unusual signs around too! The side of the truck has an interesting one!

  29. It is all so crowded and colourful!


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