Seeing the City Through a Phone

You know how some people say that there will come a day when cameras will be outdated and we'd all be doing our calling, texting, surfing, tv watching and shooting via one gadget? I was doubtful that it would happen; resistant to the changes happening around me where more and more people are just whipping out their smart phones whose name start with I. I like holding a camera, going about with it hanging around my neck. But then one day, hubby came home and uploaded these images from his phone. And his phone is smart, but not fancy. Its name didn't have an I in it. But I thought they turned out really well. You have to judge yourself. After seeing these images, even I grudgingly had to admit that this technology has come a long way. The images they capture are quite good.

One day in June 2012, my husband took a day off to apply for Indian visa - as you know we went to India in July. He came first thing in the morning and was told to come back at 4 PM for the visa. He has taken a whole day off, he was in the city and paid toll crossing the bridge, he wasn't going back home. He decided to sightsee. But he didn't bring the camera, so he was forced to use his mediocre cell phone.

2012_06_24 picnic 042
Across from the Palace of Fine Arts.

2012_06_24 picnic 082
Conservatory of Flowers

2012_06_24 picnic 080
Conservatory of Flowers

He lingered at the Palace of Fine Arts and kept shooting.

2012_06_24 picnic 055

2012_06_24 picnic 057

2012_06_24 picnic 056

2012_06_24 picnic 058

2012_06_24 picnic 063

2012_06_24 picnic 067

2012_06_24 picnic 048
The resident swans

2012_06_24 picnic 050
Great day with beautiful sky.

2012_06_24 picnic 076
Legion of Honor

2012_06_24 picnic 087
Of course, he wouldn't leave out the Painted Ladies.

Thank you to hubby who was always thinking about materials for this blog.

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  1. I don't know what his phone is, but these images are amazing! The architecture too—gorgeous!

  2. I can't really imagine they are not from a good DSLR! They look even better than mine! Although the colors are not really that vivid, but that can be corrected by other applications. Your husband knows very good compositions, maybe he is better than you, haha, peace!

    I always forget that phones can be used as camera, maybe because I am not used to using it. I guess Blackberry takes nice photos, so these photos inspire me to try my celfone! I hope they also merit posting!

  3. okay,
    you've got to spill out the brand. ^0^ these are gorgeous!
    actually more handy in fact than a dslr and easier!
    just look at how the sky blended with the rest, perfect white balance. ^0^
    like you, i'm resistant to change, but sometimes, change is what makes us realize.
    dear hubby knows his craft.
    seriously, he should have a blog as well. ^-^

  4. The wonder of technology. My android does not take that good photos.

    Nice job!

  5. These photos are stunningly beautiful considering that they were taken by a smart phone. If post processed, these images would have looked amazing!

    ~ Sweetstrings

  6. Beautiful images even through the phone.

  7. Great photos, and great camera on your phone!

  8. I commented to someone else just this week that I might need to give up my camera. :)
    This really are wonderful shots!
    I especially love those of the palace. Those are amazing!

  9. Terrific captures from the phone!! Wow! Beautiful place and lovely blue, blue skies!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  10. Fantastic set of shots and amazing to me that they were taken without a stand alone camera.

  11. Those really are good pictures and I much enjoyed the tour. And your words and thoughts....I remember when we got our first digital (thinking it wouldn't be as good as the film camera)...and then our first pocket digital (it wouldn't be as good as the big Canon we thought) and both times we were wrong...and so maybe you're right and we'll soon be using our phones! It's an interesting time to be alive.

  12. Very soon we will pay bills with cell phones. Hugs.


    Barcelona Daily Photo

  13. The phones do take great photos. Wonderful scenes from San Francisco. Happy Skywatching!

  14. Wonderful pictures from the phone, Maria, an interesting Sky Watch post!

  15. These photos are from mobile phone? Wow! Made me think to upgrade my mobile phone and not my DSLR. :)

    Happy weekend, Photo Cache.

  16. Stunning architectures and beautiful surroundings.

    Have a good weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  17. Wow - these photos are excellent! Well done hubby - and just with a mobile phone. Great work!

  18. WOW, these are fantastic images! (You both are very talented photographers!) Wonderful tour of the city. I really like the Palace of Fine Arts.

    Please tell us his phone make and model. I think several of us are ready to convert! ;-D

  19. Pretty great photos for a cell phone!

  20. Amazingly sharp pics from a phone camera.

  21. I have to agree with you. Great shots! Love the Conservatory.

  22. those are seriously good for a cell phone camera...heck, they'd be great for a 'real' camera!

    i reluctantly take cell phone photos. but i'm more reluctant to carry around my dslr every day. most of the time my cell phone pics are barely mediocre, but they're better than nothing.

    just keep shooting, no matter what! :)

  23. Those really are well done. Great colors and clarity and all from a little smart phone! My iphone is pretty old, so I use it only for Instagram or when I don't want to drag my big Nikon around. Who knows though - if I upgrade and get a better phone, I may not need my NIkon anymore! Kinda sad, huh!

  24. great pictures. i'd enjoy the time when we don't have to lug around heavy camera bodies and lenses just to take pictures.

  25. I'm absolutely and totally impressed, Maria!!! Not only is the picture quality good but his composition skills are good, too! :)

  26. These pictures bring back memories of these places. I visited them about seven years ago. Thanks for sharing.


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