Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bangladesh: Call of Nature

Visiting Bangladesh has not only given me the chance to reconnect with family and friends. It also enabled me to be around familiar smells and sights that can only be experienced in a tropical country. One familiar sight that I had long forgotten is this red bug. A welcome reunion. I don't know it's name, but I've met it long ago, in the land where I grew up.

When I spotted it, I didn't think twice about giving them my full attention and space in my memory card. Can anyone help me identify these red bugs that are commonly found in the tropics, but haven't seen them here?

pentax jaipur 906
First it was just this one.

pentax jaipur 908
Follow its journey.

pentax jaipur 909
Destination reached.

pentax jaipur 911
So where now?

pentax jaipur 888
Going over the edge.

pentax jaipur 892
There's more underneath the leaves.

pentax jaipur 894
Are you doing what I think you're doing?

pentax jaipur 899
I think these two are doing what I think they're doing.

Seeing these familiar bugs whose existence I have long forgotten because they were out of sight was such a joyful experience.


Andrea said...

Yes Maria, you documented them very beautifully. I haven't seen them as plenty as that, but we call them 'baka-bakahan' and seem to equate them always attached!

Photo Cache said...

@ Andrea....that's right they were called baka-baka in my province too. Thanks.

Kayni said...

oh yes, i remember those too. although i'm not sure what we called them.

YTSL said...

Aren't those stink bugs? I've spotted them doing what comes naturally too... ;b

JM said...

Great series!

AVCr8teur said...

Looks like they are eating the leaves among other things. Sorry, I have never seen such a bug to tell you their name. I'm not a fan of insects, but they are fascinating to watch.

Ginnie said...

I think I have seen these in real life, too, Maria, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I've only see images on the internet. Now you've got me wondering. HA! Isn't it funny how an insect like this can bring back such longing memories!

atticus said...

galing! wagi! i love watching bugs do the nasty. hehehe.

Hilda said...

Yup, I think they're doing what you think they're doing. ;)

I don't think I've seen any of these red bugs around. But since I squish bugs as soon as I see them, I don't really get to look at them closely. (I hate bugs!)

Heart of Rachel said...

I've seen those bugs before but I'm not sure what they are called. The insect world can be mysterious and intriguing.

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