Bangladesh: Market Scenes

lumix savar 145
Umra is a local fruit (tho I was told Cambodia also has this) whose taste is a combination of guava and green mango. It's eaten with sprinkling of chili salt.

lumix savar 151
Vegetables are a big mainstay in the Bangla diet.

pentax jaipur 1102
Chichinga - a type of gourd.

pentax jaipur 1107
Some type of gourd, more like winter squash.

pentax jaipur 874pentax jaipur 876

lumix savar 148
Dried fish called sutki.

pentax jaipur 1115
Young boy tending to his stall.

pentax jaipur 1119
Man with a goatee.

pentax jaipur 1121
Lady with a water vessel.

pentax jaipur 1130
Greens from the gourds.

pentax jaipur 1125
They were a bit amused when they spotted me shooting at them.

pentax jaipur 1154
Every corner has a makeshift market it seems.

pentax jaipur 879
Busy times for shopping as it was Ramadan.



  1. That ridged patola or ridged gourd in the 2nd photo are so very small. I can imagine that these are the scenes in Bangladesh.

  2. I would be THRILLED to have access to all those fruits and veggies! And all that color. I love seeing these images, Maria!

  3. Beautiful shots from the market. I could spend ages wandering around there.

  4. Marvelous, colorful captures! I love the market and the people! What a wonderful visit you've taken us on!! I love it! Hope you have a great week!

  5. Wonderful moments captured from market.

  6. Beautiful Bazaar pictures. Looks like you had a great time in Bangladesh!

  7. Markets are such a wonderful place to explore. I've enjoyed this market through you images. I particularly like the photos of the people.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Have a wonderful week.

  8. How wonderfully vibrant!

  9. I love all these pretty colors. Wonderful market and people scenes. Great captures, thanks for sharing your world.

  10. Fantastic fresh offerings on display! But I especially love all the colour and the characters at the markets!

  11. It all looks good!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  12. Neat. I like how many of the vegetables I don't recognize. The street scenes feel like they are somewhere else than snowy Canada.

  13. Thank you for showing us a world I may nevr get to see for myself.

  14. Open markets are always fun to explore and discover new food along with people-watching.


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