Bangladesh: A Very Long Day (Part 3) Continues

Six hours. Did I forget to tell you that? It seemed to me like it was a short ride because I was entertained by the passing scenery and the scenes I saw alongside the tracks. The experience was very enriching. I saw so many things, so many scenes, so many beautiful places that hit me deep. It was very spiritual. I felt blessed.

On on that note, let me show you the places I've seen, the scenes I've witnessed and the faces of people that touched me and made my trip very special. It would take extreme discipline on my part not to post all the pictures I took.

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 023a
River bank scene.

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 026
Getting ready for sandbagging.

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 157

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 168
Not a river

At the many train stops along the way, I captured these scenes:

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 170
A pop-up market

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 172
Rainclouds followed us. People "ride free" atop the trains, not allowed but authorities could not police every single train.

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 078
Goats in town

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 100
Another pop-up market

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 103
Did I get the cilantro I needed?

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 108

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 109
Three generations?

pentax coxs bazar day one n two 112
Grazing in between tracks

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  1. WOW! What a different part of the world from North America! You are so lucky to have been there.

  2. Oh, I do so agree with EG!! Such a wonderful experience!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. what a wonderful journey, how blessed you are to travel. The photo of "not a river" with the reflected clouds is exquisite!

  4. Wow...these photos are amazing! Love the sceneries...and the beautiful colours! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Those sand bags from a distance look like flower fields!

  6. The sandbags are amazing. Awesome captures, thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  7. Fascinating shots. I have enjoyed these sequences a lot.

  8. WOW! Very impressive pictures!

  9. We love to travel. You shared a part of the world I have never been too. Great pictures. Blessings, Debbie

  10. Great collection of photos to get the upclose view of life in a different region, thanks for your kind words on my blog

  11. Wonderful tour! Thanks so much for sharing. The market scenes are my absolute favorite -- I always love seeing how people in different places shop and eat. Thank you .

  12. the free ride atop the train is quite hilarious :)

  13. Very fine set of pictures, Maria!

  14. You are taking us into the very soul of the country, Maria, which is why I'm loving these posts so much.

  15. Wow! Fantastic photos!
    Just amazing the "Getting ready for sandbagging" photo and "Sandbags" photo. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Ah! So beautiful the colorful women dress!


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