Bangladesh: Time to Go Back To Dhaka

The fourth day of our mini vacation to the coastal town of Cox's Bazar was unfortunately our last day. When my family got back from an early morning walk to the beach we only had enough time for breakfast before our ride arrived to take us to a 4-hour drive back to Chittagong where we were taking the train back to Dhaka.

We passed by many small towns with bustling marketplaces by the roadside.

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We were all prepared to sit nonstop as we travel 4 hours, until the driver told us if he have time he wants to show us something. The proposition came out of the blue, yet we thought since we outnumber him 8 to 1 we must be safe wherever he wants to take us.

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Entry to the upcoming Buddhist temple.

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While the cornerstone for the temple has not yet been put on the ground (at least I haven't seen any construction work yet), the 100-foot lying Buddha is already getting visitors.

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Aside from the monk, there was only one other person inside the compound. He was focused on what he was doing and did not acknowledge our presence, until I went up close to see what he was doing. I think he's a monk in training.

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I'm guessing he's building the side wall for the temple?

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The sign is ready.

They are open for donations. I didn't even know that Buddhism is thriving Bangladesh.



  1. Those mounds of chilis are awesome, together with the ground spices! But i love the way you posted the little monk in training, he is so charming and still really a kid at heart. That expression on his face is so revealing, i hope it is his desire and not anybody's wish.

  2. Great shots. I love the monk in training. Also the roadside markets are good to see.

  3. Another fascination set of photos! I have enjoyed the tours you've taken us on! I, too, love the monk in training and such great markets Hope you have a good week!

  4. Those are beautiful pictures. Especially that kid weaving that mat!

  5. What a delightful place! Amazing roadside market, with those bags of spices.

  6. Wonderful shots from the place.

  7. Love the atmosphere in these images. You are a Bengali?

  8. What a wonderful place you found! Your photos are lovely. There is so much beauty around us if we just look.

  9. Beautiful shots! The colors are so rich!

  10. A fine series of pictures and comment. Enjoyable.

  11. Gotta love it. You make quite the tour guide for us, Maria! :)

  12. The statue is overwhelming. So too is the idea of a monk in training. He looks like anybody's little boy...I hope he wants to be there doing what he's doing.

    I'm glad you took advantage of the driver's offer!

  13. fascinating photos. thanks for the virtual tour.

  14. The lying Buddha says it all. Life is to be taken in. That child's face is a heart stealer.

  15. Wow, this is another side of Bangladesh that I haven't seen. Great pics!

    Inside Cambodia

  16. Something for everyone at the marketplace! The chili looks spicy. There is quite a contrast in facial express between the monk and monk-in-training. Very industrious to work alone at such a young age.

  17. I remember seeing mounds of chili spices also in India. I do like spicy food but not that much! And I didn't know that Buddhism is also practised in Bangladesh. I thought they were mostly Muslims.


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