Bangladesh: Wrapping Up our Time in Cox's Bazar

The long drive back to Cox's Bazar from a day in Tecnaf did not offer much in terms of drive by shot opportunities. It was raining hard. Along the way, despite the drizzle, we stopped to look at a little waterall that the moonsoon has brought about.

pentax teknaf cox 169
My FIL was very happy, it was his first waterfall sighting. Then I remembered mine was at Yosemite. That people can sometimes go their whole lives without seeing a waterfall or the ocean. I felt lucky and blessed.

pentax teknaf cox 175
In this age of social media craziness, I was pretty sure these boys would end up putting this on facebook or something like that.

pentax teknaf cox 147
Amazing how close the sea is to the agricultural land.

Not too far from here we stopped to stretch our legs. It was another hour before we arrived at our destination. We found a solitary figure fishing.

pentax teknaf cox 158

The next morning after breakfast we were checking out and travelling 4 hours to Chittagong, where we would catch the train for a 6-hour trip back to Dhaka. Before breakfast my husband and in-laws took an early morning walk to the beach. I was already in the showers when they were going and so I decided to stay in and take pictures of street scenes from the balcony.

pentax teknaf cox 211
Birds on a wire.

pentax teknaf cox 181

pentax teknaf cox 183

pentax teknaf cox 188

pentax teknaf cox 191
This sampan has a lot of people on it.

pentax teknaf cox 194
Then I spotted my family coming back to the hotel.

pentax teknaf cox 196
I was spotted by the hubby.

pentax teknaf cox 197
Of course he has to take a picture of me.



  1. Oh that is a fun post, am glad i got some info about Bangladesh. I've not been there and might not see it at all. I love that shot of the boat, but it is so scary. The Viking boat in the carnivals here looks like that, it does't have "katig" for balance. Am glad to see your husband, hehe!

  2. Quite a variety of photos to see..I like the field a lot..

  3. What a wonderful trip you have taken us on once again!! Your photos are the very next best thing to being there!! Thank you for sharing the beauty and the fun!

  4. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Wonderful snippets from another corner of the world.

  6. Much of the land is so flat I can see why your FIL might have never seen a waterfall!

  7. Great photos!!! Funny you got your photo snapped too.

  8. oh how sweet, your hubby taking picture of you and you taking picture of him hehehe....Bangladesh is pretty interesting to see and learn from your photos,the rice field is like in the Philippines too and looks like it rains a lot too.

  9. Great shots from your trip. Looks so dangerous with so many people on the sampan...

  10. You and your hubby are so cute. I can pick him out in a crowd now. What great experiences for you and your family!

  11. argh, i couldn't download all the photos--internet has a tantrum, must be the heat.:p

    i love the pose of this young man--yeah, this goes to his FB wall.:p there are places in Negros that look similar to the 3rd photo--rice fields right by the beach.

  12. That was quite a sobering thought about some people never seeing the sea. You are so right many of us are very privileged to see some of the places we have visited or other places that bloggers like you show us.

  13. Love the waterfall shot. And the rice field too, of course.

  14. You have shared with us a lot of very interesting sights from Bangladesh.

  15. The scenery is just gorgeous! Lovely shots.

  16. That looks like a beautiful area. I can't imagine never seeing a waterfall, they're common in my area!

  17. i always love your witty posts and
    those quirky shots.
    it's those little things that are thought provoking and funny at the same time.
    oh! how darling your dear hubby is. ^0^

  18. You and your hubs are totally adorable. Or, lol, if I were 15 years younger...tots adorbs!


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