February in the garden

February is an interesting month. It could be super wet. It could also be really dry and spring like. The latter is the kind of February it was around here. If you don't look at the tree buds blooming you'd think it was late spring.

Two consecutive weekends in February we tackled some gardening projects. The backyard is always alive in late winter to early spring. Weeds take control claiming every space in the yard, even in between the paved/cemented areas. Green is a good color to look at. It soothes the eyes they say. But it's still weeds and February is the time to start weeding.

And so for those two weekends we did just that. We hardly made a dent if I'd be honest with you. I look at the backyard and more weeds grew replacing the ones we pulled. We just couldn't keep up.

Unbeknownst to me my hubby took a picture of me while I was making our vegetable nook ready for tomatoes (a payback from the many times I took candid shots of him without his knowledge). I pulled the weeds, dig up the soil mixing it with soil ammendments and the following week we were ready to plant our tomatoes. We have also planted on containers strawberries and mesculun (lettuce). I remember how much fun it was two summers ago when we had a bumper crop of lettuce. I would go in the backyard to harvest from our containers lettuce for our dinner salad. I am hoping the same thing this summer.

Our fruit trees have started to show beautiful blooms, despite our failure to prune them in the fall. Fingers crossed as to whether that omission would make an impact on summer's production.

This was February in my garden:

2013_02_23 071

2013_02_23 075
Beautiful weeds.

2013_02_23 081
Purple pleasure.

2013_02_23 084

2013_02_23 090
Apple blooms.

2013_02_23 089
Still apple blooms.

2013_02_23 116
More apple blooms against blue sky.

2013_02_23 110
Unpruned plum branches.

2013_02_23 102
Plum blooms.

2013_02_23 105
Adore the blooms, not so much the fruit.

2013_02_23 095
White hyacinth perfumes the surroundings.

2013_02_23 078
Year-round source of Vit. C.

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  1. Gorgeous shots of gorgeous flowers! I've no green thumb at all so I'm actually a little envious. Nice to see you after all these years, even if it's just your back. :)

  2. Wonderful post, it's so spring!

  3. Wow!Wonderful spring photos!I hope our belated spring starts finally because at the moment we have here more winter as spring.Crazy weather.

  4. You have a wonderful garden.The shots are all very beautiful.

  5. Terrific captures of your very beautiful flowers!! And, oh, it is SO spring indeed! I love it! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  6. Nice blue sky, great photos!
    Well done!

  7. Exquisite flowers especially the apple blossom.
    Hoping you have a lovely week-end.

  8. such glorious blooms. Happy spring.

  9. Beautiful spring photographs!

  10. oh, gorgeous flowers you have! i wouldn't mind the weeds if they're colorful and as beautiful as these.:p

  11. You have a beautiful garden, and a green thumb too~

  12. You have beautiful garden with such lovely flowers.

  13. What gorgeous spring flowers!

  14. Some very beautiful close up shots of the flowers. Creative to use the sky as a backdrop!

    Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

  15. Good for you, Maria! I can just imagine the sense of satisfaction you both get from eating off your land! I love it for you. Astrid really misses having her own garden, after moving to our apartment. Maybe one day in the future she'll be able to grow stuff again. I hope so.

  16. No. 7 is very similar to my shot. :)

  17. Excellent photography and stunning garden shots!!

  18. How nice to have your own garden and getting your hands dirty in the process - reminds me of childhood. Too bad, my apartment in New York only has plastic plants in the lobby haha!

  19. A fine gardening series. Excellent flower shots.

  20. You have a lot of color in your garden and your camera and keen eye capture it very well. I was so glad to see that my wisteria bloomed this year!

  21. Wow! You have a wonderful garden!
    Your pictures are stunning!

  22. i finally had a glimpse of your back! ^0^
    your gorgeous garden, ( not exaggerating...) makes me wish that I have a green thumb.
    i think just seeing those fleurs blossomed eases off your anxieties and all those wrinkles.

  23. You have many beautiful flowers in your garden.


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