Skywatching while walking.

Sunita said her friend wanted to meet us - hubs and I. She had been talking about us over the years and it's time we meet. So she set up a lunch date at her house and she was cooking. I like her home-made Indian food better than any restaurants I've eaten.

After lunch, we decided to go out for a walk. We were all one in choosing Point Pinole Regional Shoreline because not only is it huge (2135 acre), it is also so close to where we all live.

It was a February day, a holiday, but surprisingly the park was almost empty. It must have been the cool weather. Anyway, we took our walk after heavy Indian meal and I took pictures.

2013_02_23 029
Entry at the bridge above the railroad track.

2013_02_23 030
So alive.

2013_02_23 031
Headed towards the marshland.

2013_02_23 034
Easy path.

2013_02_23 018
Sunita and me.

2013_02_23 036
The eucalyptus trees are plentiful here. They were initially planted as a buffer against explosions. This place used to be the site for manufacturing gunpowder and dynamite.

2013_02_23 038
Hubby found a walking buddy.

2013_02_23 040
I really enjoy this view any time of the day, any season of the year.

2013_02_23 044
I love old eucalyptus trees.

2013_02_23 055
We went to the marshland today.

2013_02_23 053
Can you tell it was breezy and cold?

2013_02_23 051
Pebbles and shells.

2013_02_23 064

2013_02_23 063
Mt. Tamalpais in the background.

2013_02_23 062
Reaching out to the skies.

I have walked here many times for years, but I never have stopped and bird watch. I hear they have a good list of birds that either call this park home or frequent visitors.



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  2. Oh i thought at first that you went to Sunita's place because i remember you went to India, then when i read thoroughly it was Sunita's friend who met you. So this is California not India, hehe, i was surprised looking at you all very cold, thought in India! I wish i can go to India too and see this time Sunita, she has a lovely garden too, and for sure also cooks very well.

  3. Lovely views and great skies in the bottom shots!

  4. I like old eucalyptus trees, too, and I especially like beach-combing on cold, wintry days! I would have been right there with you.

  5. Great shots from your walk. Fascinating post.

  6. Beautiful skies and trees and what a wonderful place to walk!! Beautiful views!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Happy SWF!

  7. A lovely sky in Your photos!

  8. WHat a terrific place to walk, lovely skies.

  9. Wow, it is beautiful here and nice job in taking so many pictures showing it off since I don't usually make it out to that part of the bay area.

  10. That is a beautiful place, nice shots. I'd also enjoy walking there, and the lack of crowds on a cool day would be my preference.

  11. Wonderful shots of great variety.

  12. What a great walk you took us on. Very interesting also, that it is so cool where you are. Plus I was fascinated by the trees planted as a buffer against explosions.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. A superb walk with wonderful skies.

  14. What a pleasant walk, Maria! Wonderful skies, thanks for sharing.

  15. What beautiful shots from your walk. I do like those moody clouds!

  16. good pictures full of life moments

  17. the view, the place is beautiful! :)

  18. Railway tracks, skies, clouds, see, grass, pebbles, and they all are worth a thousand word! Beautiful set of pictures.

  19. so i've never seen an actual eucalyptus tree before,
    i think they all look the same.
    ha! you can fairly judge that i'm not a nature person. ^0^
    but that is a very nice tree,
    very old indeed like a setting from some movie.

    thank you for taking a pause and showing us a bit and off side of California. they're as always scenic.

  20. A fine account with words and pictures of this area. I liked the trees that look so good and the interesting trail. Well done.

  21. such a beautiful place to take a stroll.

  22. Indian meals are always heavy!
    Great pics from your walk.

  23. Enjoyed taking the cyber walk down the path with you to see the trees, the sky, what you saw. I'm sorry I missed the Indian food.
    JM Illinois

  24. Never thought those eucalyptus trees can serve as buffer against explosions. It's definitely better and much more peaceful without dynamites and gunpowder in its midst.

  25. Very dramatic skies! I haven't been to this park yet; I'll have to put it on my list! By the way, the arts and crafts village Tlaquepaque is right in Sedona! Keep that in mind in case you go there again.

  26. Finally back to the States. I always thought California to be sunny around this time of year, but your pictures say otherwise.


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