I Came For the Wildflowers; I Ended Up Skywatching

I thought we know all about the East Bay Parks near where we live but we found out we still didn't know the Sobrante Ridge Regional Preserve. Thankfully my husband was chatty and told a friend of ours - great hikers both he and wife - about our search for wildflowers around the neighborhood. He mentioned about this park where they would walk and find wildflowers.

One Saturday, after a heavy lunch at my brother's house, the husband still aching to do a photowalk with the wildflowers of spring, we drove to where we were directed. It's entry point is through a housing complex in the middle of nowhere. I like this housing area, the houses are pretty, mostly 3-5 bedrooms $400,000 per. Despite its distance to the city proper, its location is set in the valley between rolling hills. I did not realize that there was a regional park in its midst.

2013_03_30 005

I was ready with the hat, but I was wearing a heeled flip flop. I never wear the right shoes for the right occasion.

2013_03_30 010
What a gorgeous cloudscape.

2013_03_30 011
Wouldn't you love living here?

There wasn't really enough wildflowers to see and photograph.

2013_03_30 012

2013_03_30 013

2013_03_30 014

2013_03_30 027

We were all alone, except for these couple.

2013_03_30 024

We didn't do the entire 2 1/2 mile, as I wasn't properly attired, re: shoes not for climbing and walking. Up there the sky was gorgeous, the sun was warm, the breeze cool, and the shooting was exciting.

2013_03_30 008

2013_03_30 031

2013_03_30 033

2013_03_30 034

2013_03_30 038
We didn't mind not finding a field of wildflowers, the sky show was plenty enough for us.

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  1. You clearly were in heaven. :)

  2. Lovely post, your skies are beautiful. And the sceneery and flowers are beautiful. Happy Skywatching!

  3. A lovely serie of photos, perfect for the sky-theme!

  4. Such a lovely place and your captures are terrific! Love the skies and cloud formations!! Really beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

  5. what a gorgeous place and the skies were made to order for sky watching. Sometimes the early flowers when there are just a few before they blanket the landscape are almost the best fun to spot. You shot some lovely flowers as well as the breathtaking sky and landscapes.

  6. Looks like not a good season for wildflowers! But that is a gorgeous sky-cloud show for you! Happy SWF!

  7. Beautiful shots of the sky and the wildflowers. The housing estate set amongst the hills looks dreamy.

  8. What amazing sky shots for SWF ^_^ Gorgeous!

  9. wow, what a beautiful place to live in--with rolling hills and green spaces. gorgeous skies.

    perhaps it was the right time to see the wildflowers.:p

  10. what a lovely place to stay in... wonderful shots...

  11. Such a beautiful deep blue!

  12. I have never been to this park nor am I familiar with this area, but the residents must love all that open space. $400k is still reasonable if it is in the Bay Area. Glad you found some pretty wildflowers with so little rain.

  13. Wow - the sky was a beautiful canvas. Amazing shots!

  14. I can stare at these cloudscapes all day. I love looking at the sky. Happy weekend!

  15. You couldn't find many wildflowers but the skies looked stunning!

    Thanks for dropping by, happy weekend :)


  16. Wonderful flower and sky shots. It must have been a great walk.

  17. I love your blue sky and beautiful flowers!

  18. A fine description of your new discovery also with sme nice wild flower pictures. That is beautiful country and no doubt a delightful place to live.

  19. It's a beautiful sky and the flowers you did get are lovely!

    (Keep a pair of walking shoes and socks in your car! Advice someone gave me once when I was in a similar situation. I try to remember, but don't always!)

  20. You might want to keep a pair of sneakers in your car in case there's an opportunity for a walk :)

  21. Yes, a lovely area to live in! Beautiful sky in these photos too.

  22. the search for a field of wildflowers leads you to the great show of cloudscape =)


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